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31 Jan 2010 23:42


Politics: Max Headroom: Paul Krugman has brass cajones, and then some

  • Owning the interview Scott Brown had a good chance to chill with Barbara Walters recently, and he does a really great job of coming off really smart in this interview – much smarter than Babs, in fact. The whole “big tent” thing should sit well with tea partiers, though. Heh heh.
  • A “deliberate” Rip New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, a pretty smart guy if you ask us, was also on ABC’s “This Week” and had a pretty amazing rip on Fox News, calling their handling of the health care debate “deliberate misinformation.” He says it right to Roger Ailes’ face.

  • Call it CandyLand John King of CNN’s Sunday show, “State of the Union,” is headed to the grind of weekday analysis. (And he’s taking his magic wall with him.) His replacement? Candy Crawley. She’s going to be the only female host of a Sunday talk show, which should be interesting.

06 Dec 2009 23:00


Politics: Max Headroom: John McCain lets Sarah Palin know where she stands

  • Is this a compliment?
    On “Meet The Press” this week, John McCain said that he was proud of his former Veep candidate, Sarah Palin, and said that even though she’s “irrelevant,” people continue to attack her. Sounds backhanded.

  • Mitt Romney’s stance
    You know this guy’s gonna make another run for office. The GOP’s best resource on government health care leans largely on fiscal concerns in this clip with our boy John King. Whether or not you agree, he sounds on the ball.

  • I don’t vote
    Gen. David Petraeus has a pretty interesting wrinkle to carry around: He doesn’t vote, and hasn’t since he was promoted to Maj. General in 2002. Fox News’ Chris Wallace, amusingly, seems taken aback by this fact.

12 Nov 2009 10:48


Culture: Lou Dobbs replacement on CNN is … John freaking King? What?

They’re going to replace the most excitable personality on their network with the most boring one? Seriously, guys? Try harder. Your ratings are floundering. source