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09 Aug 2010 00:19


Politics: Max Headroom: Ted Olson has all the answers on gay marriage

  • Ted Olson just gets itChris Wallace is having trouble keeping up with the former Solicitor General, whose handiwork in the suit ensured that it would pass muster. Chris Wallace throws talking points, and Olson just swats them away like they were softballs.

  • John Boehner’s fake tan Dude, did you seriously do the whole spray-on thang? Whether or not Boehner got a fake tan, the lighting during his conversation about birthright citizenship makes him look like he got on the air after a long night of drinking.
  • Olbermann’s new gameIt is a slightly sad time for Keith Olbermann, who won’t be featured on NBC’s “Football Night In America” anymore. But that’s OK; he has another game. The game? Making Sharron Angle look like a freaking idiot. LOL.

23 May 2010 21:58


Politics: Max Headroom: How pundits handled Rand Paul’s various fails

  • Canceled meetingThis summation that opened up “Meet the Press” kinda says it all. Paul said a lot of controversial stuff and then backed away when the spotlight got too hot. Gregory had a lot of questions to ask.

  • Sam Donaldson’s slam We forgot about this dude, and how awesome he can be at times. The way he pronounces “Maddow.” The way he takes Paul to task. “He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no, either.” Ow, that stings.

  • Maddow’s a “TV character”Sarah Palin suggests that Rachel Maddow was using Rand Paul’s appearance to make him sound stupid. To some degree, likely true. This doesn’t explain his comments about regulating BP on Friday.

12 Apr 2010 11:01


Politics: Bizarro hippie Michele Bachmann calls herself Nostradamus

  • Oh, and she says 51 percent of the economy is owned by the federal government. Ever hear a claim so insane that there’s simply no way it’s actually true? Well, Rep. Michele Bachmann, a favorite of the bizarro hippie movement, makes a straight-faced claim that the more than half of the economy is nationalized thanks to Obama. Chris Wallace does rebut at least one of her claims (Bush, not Obama, implemented most of the policies she’s criticizing), but it doesn’t go far enough. As The Raw Story points out, one thing Obama hasn’t done is nationalize banks. source

07 Mar 2010 23:52


Politics: Max Headroom: John Avlon’s a crackpot, according to crackpots

  • Pot, meet kettle While Harold Ford, Jr. is guilty of nothing but idiocy, it’s certainly a symptom of what is leading to the insane controversy around New York Gov. David Paterson. Ford says Paterson should resign. Because, clearly, Harold Ford Jr. is the right guy to offer this advice.
  • Not very expert-like On “Fox News Sunday,” Chris Wallace deservedly calls neocon icon Bill Kristol an expert at Iraqi foreign policy when asking who he thinks the U.S. would prefer as prime minister. Kristol’s answer? He doesn’t know. Way to prove your theory wrong, Chris.
  • “Hatriot” Games One of Anderson Cooper’s guests in the wake of the Pentagon shooting, John Avlon, came up with the term “Hatriot” to describe the crazy cropping up. Irony: Avlon is being called a crazy by the 9/11 Truther movement, despite making sense in this clip.

14 Feb 2010 22:41


Politics: Max Headroom: Joe Biden’s smile kinda weirds us out a little

  • No second-guessing Dick Cheney’s daughter is gay, so his take on this might be different from many conservatives, but he’s willing to trust the military’s judgment on allowing gays in the military, calling it a “generational thing.” Good show, Dick.

  • Biden gnashes Cheney “Let me choose my words carefully here.” After being asked on about Dick Cheney’s take on Obama’s security, Joe Biden basically rips Cheney a new one, noting the underwear bomber was treated just like the shoe bomber.

  • Eye-rooooool A mini-war broke out between Fox News and MSNBC over Chris Wallace’s eye-roll after showing Sarah Palin’s interview on Fox News last week. Wallace quickly compares Joe Scarborough to “Son of Sam,” which is awesome.

06 Dec 2009 23:00


Politics: Max Headroom: John McCain lets Sarah Palin know where she stands

  • Is this a compliment?
    On “Meet The Press” this week, John McCain said that he was proud of his former Veep candidate, Sarah Palin, and said that even though she’s “irrelevant,” people continue to attack her. Sounds backhanded.

  • Mitt Romney’s stance
    You know this guy’s gonna make another run for office. The GOP’s best resource on government health care leans largely on fiscal concerns in this clip with our boy John King. Whether or not you agree, he sounds on the ball.

  • I don’t vote
    Gen. David Petraeus has a pretty interesting wrinkle to carry around: He doesn’t vote, and hasn’t since he was promoted to Maj. General in 2002. Fox News’ Chris Wallace, amusingly, seems taken aback by this fact.