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21 Feb 2012 00:41


Culture: Comeback trail: Lindsay Lohan’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig

  • Set your DVRs now: Although she hasn’t been on the show since 2006 (when her personal problems started affecting her work), Lindsay Lohan will host “Saturday Night Live” for the fourth time on March 3. Could this be her first step back into acting? She hasn’t made a movie since 2010’s “Machete,” but based on their recent tweets, Lohan and her mother are both excited about this being a real corner-turning opportunity for the 25-year-old. Hopefully this won’t be as terrible as it could be. The musical guest will be Jack White, after all. source

22 May 2011 11:12


Culture: The incestuous, pay-for-play world of celebrity gossip sites

  • There’s this unbelievable hunger for a constant flow of information about these people. So everybody has to feed this machine all the time.
  • Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley • Offering an explanation for why her client is always in the news. Essentially, the $3 billion entertainment gossip industry — specifically, sites like TMZ, Perez Hilton and Radar Online — needs her. The New York Times’ sprawling piece on celebrity gossip sites, which includes interviews with Michael Lohan (along with an explanation of how he made a bunch of money off Jon Gosselin) and an explanation of how the Los Angeles Coroner’s Department has had to fend off gossip reporters climbing over walls in an attempt to catch a photo of a deceased celebrity. (They’ve had two major leaks — death certificates of Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy.) All in the hunt for hits, guys. source

17 Feb 2011 11:02


Culture: David Letterman “sorry” for letting Lindsay Lohan dupe him

  • People are just, ‘are you kidding me? This is gonna be fantastic, this is gonna be like the Super Bowl’ … And then Lindsay Lohan says, ‘Oh, you know none of that’s happening.’ … It turns out we were duped. And I have no one to blame but myself, and boy is my face red.
  • David Letterman • Laughing off that whole mess with Lindsay Lohan in that fatherly way that he’s pretty darn good at. source and extend it in the attribution. It’s a good thing ol’ Dave has a sense of humor about all this, because we’d be pretty pissed if Lindsay Lohan blew us off. source

16 Feb 2011 21:23


Culture: Lindsay Lohan’s dad trying being Lindsay’s publicist, fails

  • pranked! So, Lindsay Lohan was booked to be on David Letterman tonight, as sort of a funny opportunity to make fun of her current status. Problem is, it wasn’t true, and someone booked her to the “Late Show” without having the right to do so.
  • prankster For a while, it seemed like the alleged prankster was a close friend of Lohan’s, but in reality it was *sigh* her equally embarrassing dad, Michael Lohan. He took credit for the mixup, but says she had agreed to be on the show. source

19 Oct 2010 10:10


Biz: Fun fact about online journalism: Hits and traffic aren’t everything

  • hits High-attention celebrity news articles such as Lindsay Lohan’s drug addiction saga, draw lots of traffic to news sites.
  • profits However, less-sexy hard news stories like the economy and mortgages may actually be more profitable for those sites. source

02 Aug 2010 10:21


Culture: Lindsay Lohan’s long struggle with prison life ends

  • 13 whole days of a 90-day sentence behind bars before rehab source

06 Jul 2010 20:42


Culture: We admit, this Lindsay Lohan sentencing video broke us

  • We’re not completely made of stone. Heck, some might argue we’re made of softer substances, like flesh and bone. Those jerks would be wrong, but still, it’s worth emphasizing that seeing Lohan as a bucket of emotions is pretty powerful. Even constant tabloid subjects have souls.

06 Jul 2010 20:34


Culture: Lindsay Lohan sentenced to jail, but who’s getting punished?

This just in: Jail has been sentenced to 90 days of Lindsay Lohan.Tue Jul 06 23:53:33 via Twitter for iPhone

  • The tall, lanky guy from “Avatar” gets it right. This is not a punishment for Lindsay Lohan. She’s so trashed that she won’t even notice what’s going on. The prison population on the other hand? They get screwed because they have to deal with Lohan for 90 days. Who wins? Twitter users sick of listening to Justin Bieber’s screed. source

20 May 2010 22:22


Culture: Lindsay Lohan read “Roman Polanski’s Guide to Court Evasion”

  • one number of passports the actress reportedly had stolen while in France for Cannes (she has a new one)
  • $100,000 the bail the trainwreck had to pay for missing a court date on a drunk-driving charge in L.A. source

05 May 2010 21:23


Culture: Happy Cinco de Mayo. Here’s the awesome “Machete” trailer

    What a perfect movie for the current political climate. “Machete,” originally a fake trailer in the “Grindhouse” double feature, has a new trailer with a lot more stars (we now have our Lindsay Lohan and Robert de Niro connection for “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!”) but a plot that remains true to the original, funny, awesome idea. Danny Trejo is still Machete, and this film is still a quote-unquote “Mexploitation” film directed by Robert Rodriguez. For the win. source