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06 Jul 2010 20:42


Culture: We admit, this Lindsay Lohan sentencing video broke us

  • We’re not completely made of stone. Heck, some might argue we’re made of softer substances, like flesh and bone. Those jerks would be wrong, but still, it’s worth emphasizing that seeing Lohan as a bucket of emotions is pretty powerful. Even constant tabloid subjects have souls.

17 Jan 2010 10:36


Politics: The Supreme Court’s blocking of Prop. 8 cameras: Unfair?

  • Everything about the Supreme Court’s decision to stay the broadcast (and the Proposition 8 camp’s request to black out the trial in the first place) betrays a deep ambivalence about the same humble American voter whose very rights the court purports to be defending.
  • Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick • Discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to ban cameras during the Proposition 8 gay marriage trial in California. Lithwick claims the trial itself is somewhat questionable, but the banning of cameras in the courtroom is beyond absurd and is completely disrespectful to the rights of the American public. She further explains: “As it explains in its order: ‘This case, too, involves issues subject to intense debate in our society’ and it ‘is therefore not a good one for a pilot program.’ So, um, we the people are only fit to watch low-profile, boring cases?” source

13 Jan 2010 22:10


U.S.: Prop 8 trial: No cameras in the courtroom. Thanks, Supreme Court!

  • 5-4 the righties beat the lefties again at the High Court source

04 Mar 2009 21:11


U.S.: Courtroom chaos: A judge attacked, a defendant shot dead

  • Whoa! That’s crazy! What happened? During a murder trial in Stockton, Calif., the defendant, accused of murdering his girlfriend, apparently became agitated and attacked the judge during a recess, called after the defendant’s mother stormed out of the courtroom. David Paradiso started punching the judge, and deputies shot at him, killing him. Whew. Talk about scary. source