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24 Jul 2010 21:14


Music, Tech: Chiptune nerd turns old electric organ into ultimate blip machine

  • When you imagine someone playing the Super Mario Bros. theme song, you don’t think of some guy hopping on a keyboard to do it. Instead, you think of a nerdy programmer type futzing away at a NES. But this guy just upped the game – Linus Åkesson turned an old organ into a multi-faceted chiptune device, capable of playing a perfect-sounding Mario just as much as a diverse blippy opera. Note to Dan Deacon: Record your next album in Sweden. With this guy. source

26 Apr 2010 11:12


Tech: Sony finally putting the floppy disk out of its misery

A sad, depressing, but ultimately necessary move. The floppy disk will, in some minds, always be like the vinyl record. Except square. source

31 Mar 2010 11:18


Tech: We have an urge to play Mega Man all of a sudden

  • If you’re gonna go retro, might as well go full-tilt. Back in the dark ages of video games, Mega Man was king – and his style of gaming was all but ignored for years, in an attempt to making gaming more complicated. But a couple of years ago, they decided to go full retro again with Mega Man 9, and now with the new Mega Man 10, they’ve decided to create a commercial to match. We’re gonna eat some Legend of Zelda cereal now. source

14 Jun 2009 11:30


Tech: The Twittersphere has officially infiltrated the Commodoresphere

High on the list of things the world really needed: Breadbox 64, a Commodore 64 Twitter client, which is nonetheless awesome. source