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02 Apr 2010 12:41


Music: Dark Side of the NES: Is 8-bit Pink Floyd clever or annoying?

  • Pink Floyd, as you might know, prefers that people listen to their albums in full form, but they never said anything about re-imagined versions of the tunes from “Dark Side of the Moon” thrown together in Famitracker. Above is “Money,” which has a very whiny vocal part. What do you guys think? There’s a whole album available to download. source

31 Mar 2010 11:18


Tech: We have an urge to play Mega Man all of a sudden

  • If you’re gonna go retro, might as well go full-tilt. Back in the dark ages of video games, Mega Man was king – and his style of gaming was all but ignored for years, in an attempt to making gaming more complicated. But a couple of years ago, they decided to go full retro again with Mega Man 9, and now with the new Mega Man 10, they’ve decided to create a commercial to match. We’re gonna eat some Legend of Zelda cereal now. source