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07 Apr 2010 11:27


Culture: “Dr. Horrible,” 8-bit style: A “Maniac Mansion” for modern nerds

  • Whoever the genius is that created this needs to be given like a million dollars by Joss Whedon or something so he can sell this game. This is a brilliant idea. And hilarious.

02 Apr 2010 12:41


Music: Dark Side of the NES: Is 8-bit Pink Floyd clever or annoying?

  • Pink Floyd, as you might know, prefers that people listen to their albums in full form, but they never said anything about re-imagined versions of the tunes from “Dark Side of the Moon” thrown together in Famitracker. Above is “Money,” which has a very whiny vocal part. What do you guys think? There’s a whole album available to download. source

24 Aug 2009 11:18


Offbeat: Lego + 8-bit pixels: This poor guy’s getting eaten by his childhood

  • The guys who made this spent 1500 hours (!) putting it together. And, oh my freaking god, it shows. Michel Gondry, hire these guys. Stat.source