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19 Aug 2010 21:56


Offbeat: The NYT’s latest fake trend story: People with expensive fish tanks

“Hear that? It’s our owners getting interviewed by some reporter about our mansion.” Anyone who spends six figures on a fish tank needs to be made fun of. source

16 May 2010 22:54


Culture: Dear Justin Bieber fans: You’re pawns in a viral marketing campaign

  • Justin Bieber should buy @twitter make it #BieberTwitter and then say “Who owns now bitch?” ;D
  • A Tweeter who goes by the name @BiebsOrDie • Regarding her mission, and the mission of teenage girls everywhere: Get Justin Bieber in the Twitter trending topics somehow. They’ve been doing everything in their power to make it happen, much to the frustration of people who simply want the trending topics to provide relevant information (a fact we noted on Twitter earlier today). The thing is, these teenage girls are really just vectors for the music industry. Twitter has to figure out a way to filter its results better. source

28 May 2009 10:39


Offbeat: Forget sex and drinking. Teens are getting pressured into hugging.

Hugging is incredibly popular with teens nowadays, and those who don’t like it will be assimilated. Just you wait. source

12 May 2009 09:20


Tech, U.S.: The trend towards flat-screen TVs is hurting children – literally

  • 17,000 kids were sent to the emergency room in 2007 after being injured by falling furniture
  • 47% of the falling objects were televisions – a trend increasing thanks to massive flat-screen TVs source

04 Apr 2009 12:34


Tech: Many Internet users think 140 characters is enough for them

  • 11% of U.S. ‘net users microblog – including using Twitter source

12 Feb 2009 10:19


Tech: Breaking down the Facebook “25 things” phenomenon

Slate put way too much time into analyzing the viral nature of this fad. source

03 Feb 2009 10:15


Tech: For the love of God, will the Facebook “25 Things” trend end already?

  • What it is Some enterprising jerk on Facebook came up with this idea of having everyone write notes including 25 things about themselves. And like a juggernaut, it just kept building and building until all your freaking friends did it. As a result of the trend, notes on the site have more than doubled and tags of friends have quintupled.
  • Why it’s annoying Everyone has 25 interesting things, right? Sure. But it’s interesting when one person does it – it’s like a beautiful piece of art in a sea of minimalism. But when everyone does it, it’s like white noise, background chatter and it makes you want to beat up the nerd who came up with the idea. We’re totally giving that guy a swirlie; it makes us feel manly. source