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13 Dec 2011 11:30


Culture: Did the roots of walking come from “hopping” fish?

  • Birds gotta fly, fish gotta … walk? Scientists have long known that the early ancestors of almost every four-limbed creature — from mammals to reptiles to birds, and so on —  are fish that learned to breathe on land. But now scientists say that the African lungfish, using its “eel-like body and a pair of flimsy hind fins,” can walk/propel itself underwater, suggesting that walking isn’t merely an above-ground phenomenon. “This shows us — pardon the pun — the steps that are involved in the origin of walking,” said the University of Chicago’s pun-friendly researcher, Neil Shubin. Not that their walking abilities would be obvious to researchers based on appearances alone. “Their fins seem like the furthest thing from walking appendages possible,” Shubin noted. source

03 Jan 2011 11:16


U.S.: Another huge chunk of the animal kingdom dies in Arkansas

  • If it was from a pollutant, it would have affected all of the fish, not just drum fish.
  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokesperson Keith Stephens • Regarding the mysterious deaths of as many as hundreds of thousands of fish in the Arkansas River, which follows up the mysterious deaths of thousands of birds at the end of last week. So, we think we know which state Springfield is in, guys. source

20 Sep 2010 12:39


U.S.: Next up for carnivores: genetically-engineered salmon

Who wants genetically engineered salmon? If approved by the FDA, it would be the first genetically modified animal given a thumbs-up. source

19 Aug 2010 21:56


Offbeat: The NYT’s latest fake trend story: People with expensive fish tanks

“Hear that? It’s our owners getting interviewed by some reporter about our mansion.” Anyone who spends six figures on a fish tank needs to be made fun of. source

27 Jun 2010 11:36


U.S.: Was it the blackened shrimp? New Orleans chef sues BP

  • Much of plaintiff’s business is based on the unique quality of Louisiana seafood, as well as the chain of delivery of that resource from the initial harvester (be it fisherman, oyster grower or shrimper). Because this chain of delivery cannot be maintained, plaintiff’s business has been, and continues to be, materially damaged.
  • Lawyer Serena Pollack • Representing prominent New Orleans chef Susan Spicer in a lawsuit against BP. See, Spicer is seeking class action status for restaurants like her Bayona, located in the city’s historic French Quarter. She’s seeking compensatory and punitive damages against BP. The Food Network and Bravo personality will have to get in line, though – her suit is one of over 250 against the company. source

18 May 2010 11:13


World: Holy carp: The UN says oceans could run out of fish in 40 years

  • If the various estimates we have received… come true, then we are in the situation where 40 years down the line we, effectively, are out of fish.
  • United Nations Environment Program leader Pavan Sukhdev • Regarding the possibility of the oceans running out of fish. The UN says that the problem can be prevented if subsidies to fishing fleets are cut, and fish are given safe zones where commercial fishing can’t take place. If not, we hope you like avocado rolls, because there may not be enough fish for your sushi if the UN is right. source

21 Apr 2010 22:42


Offbeat: Hey Great Lakes, the South just solved your Asian carp problem

Apparently, when not pissing off the Midwest, the invader fish are actually quite tasty. Some are suggesting changing the name to improve its reputation. source

19 Mar 2010 09:56


Biz: Dear sushi fans: Your insatiable appetite making bluefin tuna extinct

The bluefin tuna, prized by the Japanese for sushi purposes, is down in population more than 80 percent. They don’t want to limit its export, though. source

01 Dec 2009 09:29


Offbeat: * LAKE_MICHIGAN just slapped you around a bit with a large carp!

The asian carp has no predators, is worth little as a commercial fish, and jumps in the air. Which is why wildlife officials plan to kill it. (The headline? IRC reference.) source

11 Aug 2009 11:27


Offbeat: In this video, a little girl grabs a giant fish with her bare hands

  • Show off. We did this all the time when we were kids.