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02 Jan 2011 01:58


U.S.: Protip: If your water bottle falls into Lake Michigan, let it go

  • My whole family was like that, we all have lead feet. Who would care about a water bottle? … I’m just like in damn disbelief.
  • Debra Hilling • On the death of her son, Michael. See, Michael, who couldn’t swim, jumped into Lake Michigan in an attempt to recover his girlfriend’s water bottle, which had fallen in. You know, on January 1st, in Chicago. The emergency call was received at 12:08 a.m., by the way, just minutes into 2011. Fark calls it “The first Darwin Award of 2011.” We just call it extremely unfortunate. See, Michael’s first anniversary with his girlfriend was Friday night. Now we’re really sad. Poor guy. source

01 Dec 2009 09:29


Offbeat: * LAKE_MICHIGAN just slapped you around a bit with a large carp!

The asian carp has no predators, is worth little as a commercial fish, and jumps in the air. Which is why wildlife officials plan to kill it. (The headline? IRC reference.) source