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21 Nov 2010 20:03


Politics: Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of the TSA downright ringing

  • Not if I could avoid it. No. I mean, who would?
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton • Offering a ringing endorsement of the TSA’s new enhanced pat-down procedures by saying that she would avoid getting them if she could, but the measures are necessary to deal with terrorists “getting more creative about what they do to hide explosives in, you know, crazy things like underwear.” You wouldn’t like the procedures, Hillary? Tell that to the cancer survivor covered in his own urine by TSA workers. Seems like he probably feels the same way. source

09 Feb 2010 10:13


U.S.: Jennifer Granholm calls Obama’s asian carp plan a load of crap

  • The economic damage from these carp coming into the Great Lakes system would be irreparable. They should shut the locks down until they get these other measures in place, and permanently have a solution to separating these two water systems.
  • Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm • Regarding Obama’s $78.5 million plan to prevent ecosystem-screwing asian carp from getting in the Great Lakes. She says it’s not enough. The problem stems from an Illinois canal where the carp are coming from. Granholm – and Michigan – want the canal blocked off from the Great Lakes. Illinois doesn’t. Obama’s from Illinois. You see where this is going. source

01 Dec 2009 09:29


Offbeat: * LAKE_MICHIGAN just slapped you around a bit with a large carp!

The asian carp has no predators, is worth little as a commercial fish, and jumps in the air. Which is why wildlife officials plan to kill it. (The headline? IRC reference.) source