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29 Jan 2012 13:30


Tech: Study: Teens flocking to Twitter more than they did two years ago

  • 8% of young people ages 12-17 had Twitter accounts in 2009, according to a Pew study
  • 16% of young people ages 12-17 had Twitter accounts in 2011, according to an updated study source
  • » Not so square anymore? Two years ago, Twitter had a bit of a reputation as the social network of choice for slightly older professionals, while many young teens were giving it a pass. The study appeared to be showing an interesting trend among teens, who preferred to stick with Facebook or other services. Things appear to have changed since then. “I love twitter, it’s the only thing I have to myself … cause my parents don’t have one,” noted 17-year-old Britteny Praznik. One major difference? Rather than self-promotion, the goal seems to merely be social in nature. Wow, who would’ve thought? A social network for social networking? Be still our hearts.

19 Jun 2010 09:53


U.S.: Myth busted: Adults more likely than teens to text while driving

  • 47% of adults have sent or read texts while driving
  • 34% of teens have done the same controversial thing source
  • » One thing that’s not clear: Teenagers have been only driving a year or two. Most adults have been driving much longer. Did Pew, who did the study, put a time frame on the study or just leave it vague? That’s a question that hit us when reading it.

20 Apr 2010 11:17


Culture: Parents of teenagers: Get the unlimited texting plan for your kids

  • 75% of all teens between 12-17 own cell phones
  • 50% of them send as least 50
    texts each day
  • 49% of teen girls text “just to say hello” source

29 Mar 2010 20:47


World: In Mexico, hitmen in the Drug War’s midst are targeting minors

  • 10 Mexican youths (in one car)
    killed by gang members source

23 Jan 2010 17:58


U.S.: Teens no longer in a super-fast rush to get a driver’s license

  • 30.7% of 16-year-olds in 2008 had gotten their drivers’ license as soon as they possibly could
  • 44.7% of 16-year-olds in 1988 did the same; modern kids say the don’t need it as much due to technology source

07 Dec 2009 09:41


World: A bunch of military brats get bored in Japan, hurt someone seriously

  • Hanging this rope up in the middle of a road sounds like a great idea! In Japan, four children of U.S. military were arrested for an August incident where they put a piece of rope on either side of a road, which then caused a major injury to someone on their motorbike. The four, who range in age from 15 to 18, were arrested and charged with attempted murder. source

22 Nov 2009 09:35


U.S.: Medical Marijuana: Teens like it too! Especially Bay Area teens!

  • 50 teens have been given medical marijuana in the Bay Area
  • 18 the age of consent for getting medical marijuana in California without a parent source

26 Aug 2009 11:01


Tech: Teens don’t Tweet, MySpace or Facebook more than the rest of us

  • 11% of Twitter users are aged between 12 and 17, a study says
  • 14% of MySpace users fit into that preteen age group
  • 9% of Facebook users can say they’re, like, teens source

28 May 2009 10:39


Offbeat: Forget sex and drinking. Teens are getting pressured into hugging.

Hugging is incredibly popular with teens nowadays, and those who don’t like it will be assimilated. Just you wait. source

26 May 2009 12:30


Culture, Tech: Teens text too much, and it isn’t healthy, say old jerks

  • 2,272 Average number of texts teens send in an average month
  • 75.7 Average number of texts teens send in an average day source