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29 Feb 2012 17:14


Offbeat: Autocorrect mishap causes schools to go on lockdown

  • plan Over in Gainesville, Georgia, someone–unidentified in the report–accidentally sent a text message to the wrong number. The texter intended to write “gunna be at West Hall today.” Perfectly innocuous, right?
  • failThe phone’s overzealous autocorrect feature changed the text to “gunman be at West Hall today.” The recipient reported the text to police, and two West Hall schools were subsequently put on lockdown. source
  • » One question: Who uses “gunna” as shorthand for “going to?” We thought “gonna” was the standard abbreviation. But all jokes aside, we’re glad this was all just a technological snafu, and not an actual threat.

17 Jun 2010 20:23


U.S.: Is the Supreme Court OK with employers searching workers’ texts?

  • YES but only in this one case about a police officer source

20 Apr 2010 11:17


Culture: Parents of teenagers: Get the unlimited texting plan for your kids

  • 75% of all teens between 12-17 own cell phones
  • 50% of them send as least 50
    texts each day
  • 49% of teen girls text “just to say hello” source

20 Oct 2009 10:23


Sports, U.S.: Steve McNair, a mistress, and a series of desperate texts

  • Baby I might have a break down im so stressed. baby i might need to go to the hospital. baby whats wrong w[ith] me i can hardly breath[e].
  • Sahel Kazemi • In a text exchange between her and former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair the day before they were both found dead in a murder-suicide. Kazemi sounded increasingly desperate in the messages, while McNair was getting annoyed by the constant contact due to the fact that he was with his children. McNair, who was married with children, was seeing a second girl on top of Kazemi. • source