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18 Jul 2010 09:44


World: The “Sons of Iraq” the main targets of deadly suicide blast

  • 43+ killed by the attack aimed at the Sunni militia group source

20 Jun 2010 10:43


World: A suicide bomber nails one of Iraq’s main financial sectors

  • 26 people were killed in the bombing of the Trade Bank of Iraq
  • 53 people were injured in the second bank attack in a week source

17 Apr 2010 11:14


World: In Pakistan, a suicide bomber targets a refugee camp

  • 41+ people were killed by a suicide
    bomber at a refugee camp in the
    Orakzai region of Pakistan
  • 64+ were injured; the attack is seen
    as retaliation for an assault against
    Taliban fighters source

02 Apr 2010 11:31


World: Russian suicide bomber’s husband was killed by Russian military

Moscow suicide bomber Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, 17, was married to Umalat Magomedov, who was killed in December. True love, of course, is someone you can hold a gun with. source

31 Mar 2010 10:34


World: Just days after the Moscow subway bombing, another deadly blast

  • 12+ killed in blast in Russia’s North Caucasus region source

10 Jan 2010 10:20


World: The CIA suicide bomber: A James Bond for the jihadist set?

  • Our James Bond, who is he?/He is Abu Dujana!/His motto: Let me die or live free!/Our James Bond, what did he seek?/Not power or money,/But justice for the weak.
  • A poem by militant blogger Asadullah Alshishani • Regarding the death of Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, also known by the pen name Abu Dujana al-Khorasani, who died in a suicide bombing attack on the CIA last week. al-Balawi was a double agent and used this to the CIA’s disadvantage. More interestingly, his anti-Western writings as al-Khorasani were celebrated by extremists. Books will be written about this guy and his mountain of contradictions. source

02 Nov 2009 10:22


World: Another suicide bomber hits Pakistan, this time outside of a bank

  • 35+ people died in the attack, which happened as large groups of people went to get their paychecks today
  • 65+ others were wounded; the situation has led to the UN pulling all non-emergency staff from the region source

15 Aug 2009 10:17


World: It wouldn’t be an Afghanistan election without a car bombing

Just five days before the country’s election, a suicide bomber blew up this car near NATO headquarters, killing seven and injuring 91. Expect more of this. source

20 Jun 2009 10:56


World: Iranian icon Ruhollah Khomeini’s shrine hit by suicide bomber

  • Two people were wounded in the bombing. The suicide bomber killed himself at the shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who led the 1979 Iranian Revolution and was the iconic face of Islam to the Western world in the 1980s. Khomeini, Iran’s Supreme Leader before his son Ali took over after his 1989 death, was a popular leader during his life, but could be seen as a point of contention in the wake of the massive protests. source

10 Mar 2009 10:32


World: Peace conference interrupted by a suicide bomber in Iraq

  • 33 were killed at a peace conference in Baghdad source