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06 Jul 2011 17:04


U.S.: TSA warns of implant-based bomb concealment

  • The new normal in airport security? It was announced today by the TSA that terrorists might try to surgically implant bombs into themselves to bypass airport checkpoints, a warning which seems to imply further heightening of security could be coming. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explicitly said that the warning “does not relate to an imminent or specific threat.” That said, that a terrorist could hide a bomb in their body is fairly obvious, so whatever intelligence they’ve gleaned must be enough to drag this out of the realm of the hypothetical. The TSA has also advised international airports to tighten their security. source

23 Jun 2011 14:39


U.S.: Pentagon bomb-scare suspect tied to building shootings

  • Remember those mysterious building shootings near DC a while back? Remember that Marine reservist who got arrested at Arlington National Cemetery last week with some possibly-for-bomb-making fertilizer on his back? Probably the same guy. At least that’s what authorities say about Yonathan Melaku, whom they charged with both crimes earlier today. The FBI says they found a video of him firing at what looks like the Marine Corps Museum in his apartment, along with some bomb-making materials and a list of other things he needed. It’s a good thing they caught this guy when they did, because he may have been a “lone wolf” seriously looking to do some damage. source

09 Mar 2011 15:06


U.S.: Suspect arrested in connection with MLK parade bomb plot

  • This is a story you should follow, not least of all because amidst all the brew-ha-ha about Rep. Peter King’s radical Islam hearings, people seem to be overlooking a near-miss attempt at domestic terrorism of a chilling sort. Last January, a backpack was left at a bus stop alongside an MLK Day parade route, inside which was a bomb. And not just any bomb; it was packed with shrapnel designed to ricochet out towards the expected crowd, and would have caused massive casualties. The FBI has now announced the first arrest associated with this case, though the suspect’s identity has not yet been released. The Seattle Times reports that the person may have ties to white supremacist groups – which matches earlier speculation that Aryan Nations, which makes its home in the region, may have been involved in the attack. source

25 Aug 2010 14:30


Culture: Vanity Fair really thinks you should see “Scott Pilgrim” NOW

  • So, if the movies have been so bad—if, as we complain, there’s nothing good playing—why is a good movie having such a hard time finding an audience?
  • Vanity Fair writer John Lopez • Making an over-the-top plea for people to go see “Scott Pilgrim” in the theater. And he’s absolutely right. It’s a great movie that got the budget it deserved and a and it’s doing miserable at the box office. “Scott Pilgrim was a risk, a gamble, a leap of faith,” Lopez writes. “The sad-but-true fact is that studios and their corporate parents just don’t know how to do that, and when they do, you need to smack them upside the head with box-office success for them to understand the lesson.” source

10 Jun 2010 10:41


World: In Afghanistan, a suicide bomber turns a wedding into a disaster

  • 40+ number of people killed in the suicide bombing, during a wedding in the village of Nagahan
  • 70+ number of people injured; the groom was a anti-Taliban militia member who was badly injured source

04 May 2010 10:47


U.S.: Times Square suspect Faisal Shahzad judged for crappy planning

  • Experts say it wasn’t a well-put-together bomb. Among other things, they say the device used alarm clocks from the ’60s rather than modern remote detonation devices, and relied on the clocks to set off fireworks that would cause a much larger blast. Essentially, they’re noting that the device seemed like it was ACME-quality. Ouch. Poor Faisal. He was just suspected of blowing up Times Square. source

04 May 2010 10:35


U.S.: Times Square incident: Faisal Shahzad says he acted alone

“OK, this is where that car bomber dude lives. Scan the place for munitions, stat!” Shahzad was caught thanks to a traced cell phone call. source

09 Apr 2010 20:20


World: Live explosive pulled out of dude’s head very, very carefully

Only two people were in the room with the Afghan soldier that had this live explosive removed from his scalp. Everyone else was evacuated in case it blew up. source

04 Dec 2009 19:55


Politics: Glenn Beck has a movie out, and it bombed in major cities

  • 17 people bothered to show up to see the movie in New York City last night
  • 17 came to see “The Christmas Sweater: A Return To Redemption” in Bah-stin
  • 30 policy wonks decided to spend Thursday watching Glenn Beck in D.C. source

28 Nov 2009 12:05


World: Russia’s high-speed Nevsky Express hit by a terrorist blast before

  • A similar blast in 2007 injured 60. As Russian authorities center in on the probable cause of the train derailment that’s killed at least 26, it’s worth noting that there has been a history of this on the Nevsky Express. In the latest incident, survivors claim they heard a blast before the train derailed. This line is an important one for Russia – 27,000 people are facing delays aboard 60 trains as a result of the crash. source