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09 Mar 2011 15:06


U.S.: Suspect arrested in connection with MLK parade bomb plot

  • This is a story you should follow, not least of all because amidst all the brew-ha-ha about Rep. Peter King’s radical Islam hearings, people seem to be overlooking a near-miss attempt at domestic terrorism of a chilling sort. Last January, a backpack was left at a bus stop alongside an MLK Day parade route, inside which was a bomb. And not just any bomb; it was packed with shrapnel designed to ricochet out towards the expected crowd, and would have caused massive casualties. The FBI has now announced the first arrest associated with this case, though the suspect’s identity has not yet been released. The Seattle Times reports that the person may have ties to white supremacist groups – which matches earlier speculation that Aryan Nations, which makes its home in the region, may have been involved in the attack. source

05 Dec 2010 11:48


Offbeat: Looking for great land deal? Buy the Unabomber’s old plot

  • 1.4 the number of acres the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, called his own in western Montana
  • $69.5k the cost of buying the Unabomber’s old land, down from its old price of $154,500
  • no the dude’s cabin isn’t part of the deal; the Newseum in D.C. owns that thang source