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05 Dec 2010 11:48


Offbeat: Looking for great land deal? Buy the Unabomber’s old plot

  • 1.4 the number of acres the Unabomber,¬†Ted Kaczynski, called his own in western Montana
  • $69.5k the cost of buying the Unabomber’s old land, down from its old price of $154,500
  • no the dude’s cabin isn’t part of the deal; the Newseum in D.C. owns that thang¬†source

14 Jul 2009 10:32


U.S.: Phrase you don’t want to hear when flying: Football-sized hole

  • The cabin depressurized, but everyone’s OK. A Southwest Airlines plane headed from Nashville to Baltimore had to make an emergency landing in Charleston, West Virginia yesterday after a giant hole opened up above the cabin 34,000 feet in the air, causing the plane’s oxygen masks to come down. Despite how !#(&@*& scary that sounds, nobody was hurt. Whew. source