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03 Jun 2010 23:20


Politics: Lame-duck politician with ridiculous mustache has ridiculous idea

  • This Dude wants to license journalists in Michigan. Michigan State Sen. Bruce Patterson submitted a bill to do just this, saying that with the rise of blogs and other varied content sources, the standards for journalism were lowering. “I thought you had to have a degree in journalism but apparently not,” Patterson said recently. “I could retire and be a journalist.” Or you could retire and give free mustache rides, something you’d actually be good at.Take your pick. source

21 Oct 2009 23:26


Politics: Visual Aid: Maybe Obama needs a mustache for respect

  • Would Obama get a little more respect if he had a mustache? A recent study showed that people with mustaches make more money than people without one. It may not be as stylish as what he’s used to, but it might help win him some respect from the Glenn Becks of the world. He’s going to make another push for peace in Israel soon, so it could come in handy. As long as he gets the right kind. Go with a handlebar, bro. (Art thanks to CORRESPONDENT)source

09 Oct 2009 12:22


Offbeat: Protip: Grow a mustache, earn a little more money

  • +8.2% bigger incomes than those with beards, which kind of ticks us off source