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27 Jan 2012 19:44


Biz: CBS Sports fires blogger who flubbed Joe Paterno death report

  • Bad sourcing plus poor timing: Adam Jacobi took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to reveal that CBS Sports — which ran with a erroneous story that Joe Paterno had died hours before he actually did, based on a single tweet from a student Web site, originally linked to and otherwise unsourced (then retracted it, naming the source and initially refusing to take full credit for the error) — fired him over the incident. “In the end, CBS had to let me go for the Paterno story going out the way it did,” Jacobi wrote. “and I understand completely. Thanks, everyone, for reading.” The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple calls the move classy on Jacobi’s part, and an important line in the sand for CBS: “Not only does put on notice its employees that multiple sourcing matters,” Wemple writes,”it puts on notice the entire industry.” While we don’t necessarily think Jacobi should’ve been fired, CBS made a good move, as it initially looked like they would let the sword fall onto Onward State. It would’ve been better if they took credit right away. (photo via Flickr user audreyjm529source

04 Oct 2011 00:32


Culture: Andy Rooney: sad to see him go, love to watch him tweet

  • sad news Andy Rooney’s retirement might come as a relief to some people who think he might be too hard on chocolate chip cookies, but you can’t deny the man’s media presence. He’s written many books in addition to appearing in 1,000 “60 Minutes” segments.
  • consolation  There are two really hilarious fake Twitter accounts for Rooney. A sample of their selection? “My great grandson is coming over tomorrow to attach my Twitter to my phone. Luckily, we recently got rid of our rotary and got a touchtone.” source

19 Sep 2011 23:57


Culture: “Two & a Half Men” not so bad without Charlie Sheen

  • Ashton Kutcher didn’t bomb during premiere? According to USA Today, the introduction of his new character to “Two and A Half Men” was nearly seamless. Sure, they had to start with a funeral for Charlie Sheen’s legacy, but the show picked up with the same tone as before. Whether or not that’s a good thing, we’re still not sure of. source

26 Apr 2011 16:01


Politics: Katie Couric confirms she’s quitting CBS Evening News

  • Farewell to Katie Couric: It was widely discussed recently, but now it’s official: the CBS Evening News anchor will be calling it quits, she confirmed in an interview with People. She helmed the network’s nightly news show from 2006 until now, replacing then-interim host Bob Schieffer. Couric made it clear that she’ll be back on the airwaves, though: “I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.” We’re very interested to see where she lands, and wish her all the best. source

16 Feb 2011 11:12


Politics: Nir Rosen loses NYU job, really sorry for Lara Logan comments

  • Mr. Rosen tells me that he misunderstood the severity of the attack on her in Cairo. He has apologized, withdrawn his remarks, and submitted his resignation as a fellow, which I have accepted. However, this in no way compensates for the harm his comments have inflicted.
  • NYU Center on Law and Security Executive Director Karen J. Greenberg • In accepting Nir Rosen’s resignation over his comments on Twitter criticizing Lara Logan in the wake of reports of her sexual assault in Egypt. “I am deeply distressed by what he wrote about Ms. Logan and strongly denounce his comments,” Greenberg wrote in a statement. “They were cruel and insensitive and completely unacceptable.” Rosen, a journalist who has been featured in a number of publications in the past and is noted for his Iraq War coverage, profusely apologized for what he said on Twitter: “There is no point following me, i am done tweeting. Too ashamed of how i have hurt others and the false impression i gave of who i am.” source

16 Feb 2011 10:46


U.S., World: More details on the Lara Logan case: What happened?

  • egypt The Wall Street Journal reports that CBS’ Logan was separated from her crew from 20 to 30 minutes. While she was beaten and sexually assaulted, she was not raped.
  • hospital The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz reports that Logan, who is staying in an NYC hospital, will likely be let out today. Her injuries have not been disclosed. source

15 Feb 2011 20:46


World: On Lara Logan and journalists who do difficult, dangerous work

Lara Logan

  • » And one journalist died during the crisis: According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, a watchdog group, three journalists have died in Egypt since 1992. One of them, Ahmad Mohamed Mahmoud, a journalist for the state-owned newspaper Al-Ta’awun, died February 4 from gunshot wounds sustained while attempting to shoot video of security forces and demonstrators fighting. Security forces noticed him, and a sniper shot and killed him. “They meant to kill him; they aimed at his head with live ammunition,” said his wife, Inas Abdel-Alim. “The perpetrator did this to him because he was filming what was happening. They didn’t want us to cover the massacre that happened that day.” And as awful as this all is, it pales in comparison to what journalists faced in nearby Iraq. Journalists do difficult work. Bloggers? We type into laptops. The biggest danger we face is spilling a macchiato on our hands while fervently typing. Don’t forget who does the real work.

02 Jan 2011 21:33


Culture: In general, we’re watching more television – and a LOT less CNN

  • +1% the increase in the total audience on all cable and broadcast television channels in 2010
  • -7% the decrease in Fox News’ total audience – they’re still on top of the cable news game
  • -34% the decrease in CNN’s total audience – the worst of any cable network, period source
  • » Time to bring back “Pop-Up Video”: Behind CNN, the second-biggest loser in cable was VH1 (down 31 percent), which, unlike big gainer The History Channel (up 34 percent), is unable to bank on an antiques-and-pawn-shop lineup to pump up the ratings.

10 Oct 2010 22:24


Culture: CBS is totally kicking TV ratings butt this season. Here’s why

  • Big-Tent broad appeal Rather than going for the lucrative 18-49 advertising demo, CBS makes an effort to hit everyone. This season, they’re leading every demographic – including 18-49 – and they’re doing better than usual with younger viewers.
  • basic, not basic cable Instead of trying to hone on on specific, profitable demographics on cable, they’ve stuck with their bread and butter. Sure, CBS owns Showtime, but they don’t have a bunch of basic cable niche channels like the other networks do.
  • Building up, bit by bit CBS adds bits and pieces to their programming repertoire year after year that together create a well-oiled machine. And most of it works. (Well, barring “*#@! My Dad Says,” which has decent ratings but awful reviews.) source

23 Jul 2010 14:00


U.S.: RIP Daniel Schorr: They don’t build journalists like him anymore

Dude is IN CONGRESS smoking a cigar while at a hearing about whether Nixon tried to give him a job. He worked for both CBS and NPR in his lengthy career. He died today at 93. source