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16 Dec 2009 10:02


World: Silvio Berlusconi’s streak of bad luck with commoners continues

  • one crazy guy hit him in the face with a model of the Milan Cathedral
  • one other crazy guy tried to visit him in the hospital uninvited source

14 Dec 2009 10:25


World: All the Church’s force used against Silvio Berlusconi in attack

  • He was hit with a model of the Milan cathedral. Our favorite Italian Prime Minister who owns absurdly large amounts of the very press that’s supposed to be covering him was still in the hospital resting today. Berlusconi suffered two broken teeth, a broken nose and a cut lip after being attacked by Massimo Tartaglia, a 42-year-old crazy guy. He won’t need surgery but he probably will get a killer story out of it. Isn’t that worth something? source

26 Nov 2009 10:47


Tech: Milan prosecutors are thankful for making Google a scapegoat

  • bad A bunch of jerk kids made fun of a handicapped teen, then posted a clip of it on Google Video. The video became popular, then was removed.
  • worse Italian prosecutors are seeking prison sentences of between six months to 1 year for Google executives – because, clearly, they heckled the kid in the video. source