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22 Feb 2011 13:26


Politics: Ohio may be going the way of Wisconsin on deficit issues

  • State employees are not the cause of the economic problems we’re having, and for Senator Jones and other Republicans to point to them as the problem is absolutely unfair and untrue.
  • Ohio State Senator Joe Schiavoni • Speaking about the burgeoning labor face-off in Ohio. The Republican state legislature is considering a bill to tackle the state’s financial troubles, which presently amounts to an $8 billion deficit, that may sound rather familiar to those protesting in Wisconsin right now. Namely, it weakens or strips away long standing and hard fought collective bargaining rights for organized labor, a typically Democratic voting block. To be clear, fiscal responsibility does matter. But isn’t there a way to do this that’s all about being good with money, without the distracting attempt at anti-labor scapegoating that these bills reek of? source

26 Nov 2009 10:47


Tech: Milan prosecutors are thankful for making Google a scapegoat

  • bad A bunch of jerk kids made fun of a handicapped teen, then posted a clip of it on Google Video. The video became popular, then was removed.
  • worse Italian prosecutors are seeking prison sentences of between six months to 1 year for Google executives – because, clearly, they heckled the kid in the video. source