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07 Feb 2011 14:10


World: Getting back to basic fears, shark attacks rise in 2010

  • Shark week? More like shark year: Reported shark attack rates reached their highest level since 2000 last year, topping out at seventy-nine. The most publicized were likely those in the Red Sea, where there were five attacks in four days, and four of those attacks were thought to have been done by just two sharks. Still, the biggest takeaway from this? Shark attacks are still, as ever, exceedingly rare, even with repeat offenders like the Red Sea duo stalking the waters. source

14 Jun 2010 11:05


Culture: Reasons Abby Sunderland’s dad might be a bad parent

  • one He let his son go on a solo sailing trip around the freaking world. He came back successfully.
  • two He then let his daughter do the same. She found herself stranded in the ocean. She’s OK.
  • three While his daughter was gone, he signed a deal to do a reality TV show with his family. source

20 May 2010 12:05


Biz, U.S.: BP’s at least managing to grab a good chunk of the oil spill

  • 5,000 number of barrels they’re
    grabbing each day
  • a lot the amount that’s still getting
    into the ocean source

19 Mar 2010 17:29


Culture: Coming soon to Nancy Grace: Guy with a photo of blue water

Some guy took this photo in Aruba and claims that rock to the left is murdered teen Natalee Holloway’s skeleton. What do you guys think? source

28 Feb 2010 11:32


World: The tsunami that hit Japan wasn’t much of anything in the end

  • 1.2 meter waves in Japan’s first tsunami in 15 years source

01 Jan 2010 18:35


Offbeat: New Jersey’s water toxic enough for swimming in January

Just kidding. Today, a bunch of pasty white people jumped in the ocean for the Polar Plunge, which sounds really freaking cold. source

15 Dec 2009 23:00


Offbeat: This coconut-wielding octopus is a big-time show-off

  • Because, really, why not? This octopus proves exactly how brilliant its species supposedly is. It can use this coconut shell as shelter and as a tool for digging. And it also can do some craaaaaazy things with its tentacles, too. source

03 Nov 2009 09:34


World: Scientists enthralled by giant 20-foot-wide crack in Ethiopia

  • 35 miles – the length of what could be a new ocean someday source

18 Jul 2009 12:06


U.S., World: The latest front for illegal immigrant drug-running: By sea

  • 136 people number of illegal immigrants arrested on the oceans in the fiscal year ended Oct. 30
  • 6,300 pounds amount of marijunana confiscated over waters during the same period; see the correlation? source

15 Jun 2009 01:54


World: The Air France crash recovery continues slowly but surely

  • 49 bodies have been recovered in the ocean so far source