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25 Oct 2010 21:00


World: Protip: Don’t hold outdoor swimming competitions in 100-degree heat

  • If the water temperature was 87 degrees, that’s so warm … it’s hard for your body to get rid of the heat.
  • Extreme survival expert Ken Kamler • Discussing what happened to Fran Crippen, a U.S. competitive swimmer who died in a race in the United Arab Emirates over the weekend. Crippen was swimming in very extreme conditions – it was over 100 degrees outside and the water temperature was around 87 degrees, which is the average temperature of hot tub water. Hot tubs are already warm and sweaty enough without the movement. But Crippen was swimming a ten-kilometer race. source

15 Aug 2010 11:18


U.S.: Obama and his daughter swim off the Gulf Coast, survive

See guys, the water’s fine! We haven’t yet turned into Creatures from the Black Lagoon! Come to the Gulf Coast! Swim! Shop! Then shop some more! source

01 Jan 2010 18:35


Offbeat: New Jersey’s water toxic enough for swimming in January

Just kidding. Today, a bunch of pasty white people jumped in the ocean for the Polar Plunge, which sounds really freaking cold. source

28 Jul 2009 19:32


Sports: Michael Phelps lost today. No, not his bong, a race!

  • 200m freestyle is Michael Phelps’ specialty. He lost the race in Rome today to German Paul Biedermann. We’ve never heard of him either
  • four years since his last major individual loss. It’s being (partially) blamed on the high-tech, super-slick swimsuit the German donned source

09 Jul 2009 20:23


Sports: Apparently the hard partying, happy tokin’ Michael Phelps can swim?

Michael Phelps set a world record… again. This time for swimming the 100m butterfly in 50.22 seconds at Indiana University yesterday. Yowza. source

13 Mar 2009 12:29


Sports: Michael Phelps: I guess I shouldn’t have done that

  • I mean, we were just celebrating, honestly. There was probably two or three people there I didn’t know. It was a very small group.
  • Michael Phelps • In an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, on the bong-smoking incident that lost him endorsement deals and tarnished his image. He said the endorsement deals weren’t that big a deal to him. He sidestepped the “Was it pot?” question, by the way. • source

06 Feb 2009 16:12


Sports: Michael Phelps: USA Swimming was right to punish me

  • I have nothing to say, but if that’s they want to do, that’s their choice. It’s something that USA Swimming came up with. It’s fair. Obviously, for a mistake you should get punished.
  • Michael Phelps • On the three-month suspension from competition that USA Swimming gave him last night. Phelps has had a bit of a PR nightmare on his hands after he was caught smoking a bong in a photo. Hopefully he doesn’t lose any more sponsors. • source

05 Feb 2009 22:57


Sports: Michael Phelps’ lifetime financial goal – can he still hit it?

  • $100 million in sponsorships during his lifetime source

05 Feb 2009 22:53


Sports: The Michael Phelps “Potgate” fallout is starting to hit

  • one company is pulling out of their sponsorship deal with Phelps – Kellogg’s, which featured the swimmer on boxes of Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes.
  • three months the suspension Phelps faces from USA Swimming for the incident. He also loses a $1,750 monthly stipend – which, if he loses any more sponsors, might hurt. source

01 Feb 2009 15:21


Sports: Michael Phelps + a bong = a great photo & a big problem

  • The deal with the Olympian 14-time gold medalist Michael Phelps is a number of things (guy with broad shoulders, dude who swims a lot, least-qualified SNL host ever), but the one that everybody forgets about is the most important: He’s still a dude in his early 20s, he’s not far removed from college, and he probably likes to party. He’s been in trouble with the law before (a DUI + probation) as a result of this, by the way.
  • High endorsements, high times? Phelps, caught using a bong in a photo later printed in cheapo U.K. tabloid News of the World, has apologized for his actions: “I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment.” No word on what was in the bong (possibly pot, maybe hashish?), but the guy has an image to worry about. He makes millions in endorsements, and it could be a problem for him down the road. source