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02 Jun 2010 10:07


U.S.: Oil spill: Our last hope, a diamond-blade saw, is now stuck

  • OH THE HUMANITY! BP has screwed up like four dozen times in the last month, so why wouldn’t the saw they were using to cut the pipe in the oil spill get stuck IN THE PIPE? Seriously. We bet you all thought it was going to be a bunch of aliens that were going to end the human race. But no. It’s a saw blade stuck in a #(&(@(&! pipe that did it. (Above is a clip from the most riveting television on the air right now, the oil spill webcam.) source

07 May 2010 13:38


U.S.: Times Square evacuation false alarm: Go about your business

  • It was a bunch of water bottles, guys. Six days after the last incident, and just a couple of days after a false alarm involving the RFK bridge, part of Times Square was evacuated again because of a package that arrived about an hour ago. Sorry for the rough week, New Yorkers. We’ll keep you posted. (Update: CNN is reporting that the incident, much like the RFK bridge incident, was a false alarm. Whew. Between this and the stock market, our blood pressure has been going way up lately.) source

04 Mar 2009 21:25


Tech: Just after you got used to the old look, Facebook redesigns again

Ah Facebook, where would we be if you weren’t constantly effin’ with your site? source