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27 Apr 2011 16:29


Politics: Fed. Chairman Bernanke holds unprecedented press conference

  • Working the crowd: Bernanke told reporters that his decision to hold this first-ever event was part of his effort to increase transparency at the Federal Reserve. On the issues, though, Bernanke was less a revelatory messenger than that of a lot of news we sort of already knew — unemployment is high, inflation is a risk as always (though one he sought to downplay), the deficit is unsustainable, and the Fed will be broadly staying the course with its monetary policies. That said, we want to give him some credit. First, the Federal Reserve has been a very secretive organization throughout its life, and Bernanke’s effort in making himself more available is admirable. Second, that might be the best damn beard in all of central banking. source

16 Jul 2010 13:07


22 Jul 2009 21:08


U.S.: Obama’s doing his whole talking to America thing again

Obama is trying to steer the ship of health care back in his favor, giving straight talk to a room full of press people. Good luck, bro. source

18 Jul 2009 23:41


Tech, U.S.: President Obama’s peeps really dig this whole tweeting thing

  • It is on our White House Twitter, so yes, I can confirm.
  • A White House aide • On whether there was an upcoming presidential news conference scheduled. The White House Press Corps didn’t receive a direct official confirmation until two hours after the @whitehouse tweet – which kinda peeved them off. Reporter Julie Mason said, “If the administration wants to have a twitter conference, then Twitter is the way to go. For a press conference? Notify the press.” ZING!  • source

29 Apr 2009 23:05


U.S.: President Obama: There will be “hundreds of days to follow”

  • I want to thank the American people for their support and their patience during these trying times, and I look forward to working with you in the next hundred days, in the hundred days after that, all of the hundreds of days to follow, to make sure that this country is what it can be.
  • President Barack Obama • During a live prime-time news conference that happened earlier tonight. Obama covered a ton of ground during his speech, specifically touching on the economy, Arlen Specter, the elusive promise of bipartisanship, swine flu, Iraq and the dynamics of getting things done in D.C. He’s not done yet – he still has hundreds of days of acts to go. • source

07 Mar 2009 14:05


Sports: Sir Charles: Only in jail for 3 days, still having a press conference

  • Best press conference ever. just confirmed it. Hopefully Charles Barkley says something awesome. In case you forgot, the former NBA superstar and current TNT commentator, who is not a role model, was arrested on a DUI charge in Arizona on New Year’s Eve. source

28 Jan 2009 09:03


Biz, Tech: Is Amazon about to drop another Kindle on the world?

  • If so, let’s hope the new one isn’t so ugly. Amazon scheduled a press conference for Feb. 9. Oh-oh-oh! It’s not just any press conference. They describe it as “an important” one. CEO/founder Jeff Bezos will be there, and it’ll probably be something big, possibly a new Kindle. Does this sound like something Apple would do when they’re launching, say, a new iPod? Hmm … yeah. source

13 Jan 2009 05:56


U.S.: Last stand: George W. Bush defends his international record

  • I disagree with this assessment that, you know, that people view America in a dim light. It may be damaged amongst some of the elite. But people still understand America stands for freedom.
  • George W. Bush • in his last press conference as President of the United States. That Obama guy takes over next week. • source