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22 Feb 2012 21:16


Tech: Crazy but true: Google wants to be your cable TV provider in Kansas City

  • then In May 2011, Google made Kansas City, Missouri the second location of their highly-sought-after Fiber Project. The deal? A reasonably-priced one gigabyte-per-second fiber optic internet connection for roughly 50,000 to 500,000 people. Google: Your internet company.
  • now Google just filed for a video franchise license with the Missouri Public Service Commission. Reports claim Google will do something similar in Kansas next week — suggesting Google’s ready to tackle Time Warner Cable on the television front, too. source

08 Feb 2012 10:28


Politics: Rick Santorum wants to be “the conservative alternative to Barack Obama”

  • I don’t stand here and claim to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barack Obama.
  • Rick Santorum • Offering up a bold line while speaking to supporters in St. Louis, who picked him for the non-binding primary in Missouri last night. He also won caucuses in Minnesota, and somewhat surprisingly, Colorado. Two weeks ago, it looked like Gingrich was the guy going toe-to-toe with Romney. Now, with last night’s wins, that storyline looks old hat. Does Santorum have a shot at going all the way? source

08 Feb 2012 01:53


Politics: Santorum won big tonight, yes. But there’s a catch…

  • yes…Rick Santorum swept tonight’s nominating contests, winning Colorado and Minnesota’s caucuses in addition to Missouri’s primary. He’s now won more states than Mitt Romney.
  • however…No delegates were awarded tonight, so these victories–as well as all victories to this point–are significant primarily from the standpoint of public perception and media narratives. source

07 Feb 2012 20:41


Politics: Tuesday primaries, caucuses not really all that super. … zzzzzz

  • Currently watching the results from the biggest primary day of the season thus far. That doesn’t mean much, though. In Missouri’s non-binding primary (which means that the results of the primary will have no effect on how delegates will be decided next month, i.e. it means nothing), it’s a fairly close race between Romney and Santorum, and the two caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado are happening tonight, too. source

07 Feb 2012 01:35


U.S.: Earthquake drills: Millions remember New Madrid by hiding under desks

  • 2.2 million people in eight states to participate in a “ShakeOut” source
  • » Get ready Tuesday morning: In honor of Missouri’s earthquake awareness month and timed in honor of the New Madrid Earthquake, millions will take part in a giant earthquake drill that starts at 10:15 CST. Will you take part? You never know when another earthquake might hit.

07 Feb 2012 01:22


U.S.: The day the Plains shook: The New Madrid Earthquake, 200 years later

  • Set your watches: At 3:45 a.m. CST, it will have been 200 years since the strongest earthquake Middle America has ever seen. One of four major earthquakes from the 1811-1812 era, the New Madrid Earthquake (which averaged about 7.8 in magnitude) was felt hundreds of miles away and was so powerful that it destroyed the Missouri town that gives it its name. But could it happen again? Experts say it’s likely, and the damage could be far worse. “If another quake of the magnitude of the New Madrid Quake of 1811 should hit the region, it would be the worst natural disaster in American history,” Arkansas state auditor Charlie Daniels wrote in the 1990s. “Almost all of downtown Memphis would fall.” Is that enough to fret over, though? (Photo: 1904 photo of an earthquake fissure filled with intruded sand in Mississippi County, Missouri, originally created during the New Madrid Earthquake. Photo via USGS; see more photos here.) source

14 Oct 2011 16:09


U.S.: Kansas City bishop indicted for failing to report child abuse by priest

  • The first time a Catholic Church official has been charged: In what’s a major development regarding the sexual abuse scandals that have engulfed the Catholic Church since the 1980s, an official — and his diocese — have been charged with a crime. Bishop Robert Finn, above, who leads the Catholic Church diocese in Kansas City and nearby St. Joseph, has been charged with failing to report child abuse (the photography and possession of child pornography, specifically) allegedly committed by one of his priests. The diocese itself was also charged. Finn’s lawyer denies the allegations. Either way, yikes. source

30 Aug 2011 09:57


U.S.: Hurricane Irene, Joplin tornado run into wall of tightly-funded political reality

  • Any projects that have not come in for approval, we’re not going to be able to fund those as this point. We’re going to postpone those. Our goal is to keep this disruption as short as possible, but it was prudent.
  • FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate • Describing the reasons that FEMA is putting their long-term work to repair Joplin, Mo. on hold, and instead putting that money towards Hurricane Irene. Another issue arising in the Hurricane Irene situation? They might run into yet another wall of House Republican suck. That’s because House Majority Leader Eric Cantor makes no guarantees about funding Irene cleanup unless there are budget cuts to match, which is a real jerk move which shows how out-of-touch with reality that the GOP is. Now, granted, Ron Paul pitches ideas like these all the time. But when the GOP leadership continues to do so without regard to the current situation at hand, it makes you you want to vote all the bums out en masse next year. source

17 Aug 2011 21:21


U.S.: “Project First Day” sews girls from Joplin a little emotional pick-me-up

  • I wanted to make a lot of little girls feel like princesses on that first day of school.
  • Susan Stewart, a teacher in Joplin, Missouri • Discussing her efforts to give young students an emotional boost. Students are back in school after Joplin was hit with devastating tornadoes and storms back in May. Stewart created “Project First Day,” which helped create over 1,400 new dresses for girls on their first day of school. Members of the project sewed from across the country to help out a devastated town.  source

07 Aug 2011 10:41


Culture: School district bans Kurt Vonnegut book at request of home-schooling dad

  • cause In the small Missouri town of Republic, some douchenozzle named Wesley Scroggins led a campaign to stop the distribution of a handful of books, including Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five,” in the local school district. He was actually successful, by the way. The kicker? While the dude has kids, he home schools them.
  • reaction While Sarah Ockler, the author of fellow banned book “Twenty Boy Summer,” wrote a harshly-worded response, the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library plans to offer up over 150 copies of the book to students for free. And yes, they’re taking donations. Take that, Scroggins, and take that, school district that bowed to him. source