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22 Aug 2009 11:45


Sports: When we grow up someday, we want to be Chad Ochocinco

  • Chad Ochocinco is pretty much the biggest showoff ever, but in this video he kind of outdoes all those usual showoff tendencies by doing something genuinely awesome. The wide receiver kicked an extra point in a preseason game. Awesome, bro! source

27 Jul 2009 10:35


Sports: Possibly headed to jail for shooting himself in the leg: Plaxico Burress

  • one Plaxico Burress, the New York Giants’ star wide receiver, shoots himself in the leg at a NYC nightclub. Everyone laughs at him.
  • two The police checks back on his record and realizes – *light bulb* – his concealed weapon permit was out-of-state and expired.
  • three Prosectors want to send Burress to jail for all this. Isn’t the idiocy of a self-inflicted gunshot wound punishment enough? source

07 Mar 2009 20:34


Sports: Someone’s getting back T.O. work (with the Buffalo Bills)

  • I must move on, and it’s another beginning for me. If I can be that extra added piece to get them to the playoffs, then that’s what I’m here for.
  • Terrell Owens • On agreeing to a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills just days after the Dallas Cowboys, uh, laid him off. Despite his myriad of personal problems, he remains one of the most consistent wide receivers in the NFL. • source

05 Mar 2009 10:13


Sports: Someone’s going T.O. be unemployed in Dallas

Ah, Terrell, you were just too much for the Cowboys. And, uh, well, everyone else. source

02 Mar 2009 22:26


Sports: TJ Houshmandzadeh drags his huge unpronounceable name to Seattle

  • $40 million for the wide receiver to go to the Seahawks source

25 Feb 2009 10:33


Sports: Marvin Harrison: Leaving Indy because of the salary cap

  • It will be strange to line up under center and not see No. 88 out on my right. He is a Hall-of-Fame receiver, I am proud to have played with him, and he will always be an Indianapolis Colt in my book.
  • Peyton Manning • On his former wide receiver, Marvin Harrison, perhaps one of the Indianapolis Colts’ best players of all time. Harrison had to leave the team because the Colts could no longer afford to have him. Harrison would have counted $13.6 million against the salary cap, the highest in the NFL when it comes to receivers. • source