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17 Oct 2011 10:54


Offbeat: Phoenix Jones is far from alone in real-life superhero lore

  • The movement has grown majorly. What I tell these guys is, `You’re no longer in the shadows. You’re in a new era. … Build trust. Set standards. Make the real-life superheroes work to earn that title and take some kind of oath.’
  • Writer Edward Stinson • Discussing the advice he gives the large number of real-life superheroes — at least 660 in total, according to Don’t let the situation with Phoenix Jones fool you into thinking that Jones is alone. There are superheroes all over the world, and they’re quickly learning that their work is becoming more high-profile. Despite the mocking plots in movies from Blankman to Kick-Ass, real-life superheroes have existed since at least the 1970s, when San Diego’s Captain Sticky paved the way for crime-fighting in a costume. We love the fact that this story exists. source

13 Oct 2011 20:07


Offbeat: “Superhero” Phoenix Jones offers welcoming hand to the public

  • In addition to being Phoenix Jones. I am also Ben Fodor, a father and brother. I am just like everybody else. The only difference is that I try to stop crime.
  • Ben “Phoenix Jones” Fodor • Talking about his arrest by Seattle authorities — who accuse him of pepper-spraying a number of people. He, meanwhile, claims he was trying to break up a fight. He hasn’t yet been charged, but officials are considering doing so. Either way, the extra attention from the arrest led to the public finding out about his secret persona — a MMA fighter named Flattop. Rather than withering under the extra attention he’s received, Mr. Jones has offered to let the public follow him on his next crime-fighting adventure. However, if you do so, you’ll be going against police wishes. “If you see something that warrants calling 911, call 911,” said police spokesman Mark Jamieson. “You don’t need to dress up in a costume to do that.” source

24 Sep 2011 22:19


Music: Nirvana’s “Nevermind” turns 20: And now you feel really old

  • When Nirvana took to the majors, nobody expected the level of lasting success that “Nevermind” or its lead single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” would quickly attain. (Above is “Lithium,” a classic all its own.) But for many music fans, it proved an entry point — a rare underground-leaning release that rose overground — and unlike fellow flag-bearer Pearl Jam, it’s one that didn’t lose its oomph after the fact. But it caught a few folks off-guard. Former “120 Minutes” host Dave Kendall, who premiered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on MTV, puts it as such: “I have to say, quite honestly, as soon as I heard that record and saw that video, I had no idea they were going to be as huge as they were, I was very, very impressed. I was moved but I really didn’t have any idea it would explode to the extent it did. There’s the truth.” MTV has some great features on the album that defined the network for a solid couple of years. Forget the overhype; let’s remember them for what they were: A great band in the right place at the right time. source

03 Aug 2011 16:44


U.S.: DB Cooper’s niece? Woman comes forward with new info

  • Does she hold the key to one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history? We mentioned this bizarre case the other day, but now there’s more information on just who is coming forward, and with what. Someone who is calling herself Cooper’s niece is coming forward, saying she remembers her uncle talking about his financial troubles being over, and several family members talking about him hijacking a plane. Her name? Marla Cooper — so at least the last names match. However, the FBI has said this isn’t a huge priority for them — so don’t expect them to drop everything for this 40-year-old cold case. source

23 Oct 2010 18:27


U.S.: Boeing manager uses “basic physics” to save guy’s life in car crash

  • scary Bill Pace, an 80-year-old man who recently had a minor heart attack, passed out behind the wheel on a Seattle expressway, mainly due to poor blood circulation.
  • heroic Duane Innes, a manager at Boeing,  used his engineering background to intentionally crash into the car, saving Pace’s life by causing his vehicle to stop. source

18 Oct 2010 21:26


Biz: Starbucks trying out booze, but it’s not strong enough for our tastes

  • It’s possible that soon enough, you may go to Starbucks and find this cup filled with something other than coffee. Like booze. See, the company is testing out beer and wine at some of its Seattle testbeds. If it proves popular, other Starbucks across the country could get it. If you ask us, though, we don’t think we could get behind this until they serve hard liquor, mainly because that’s the only way we think we could survive being in a Starbucks for an extended period of time. source

16 Jun 2010 21:07


U.S.: Seattle police-punching case update: The police back the officer

  • The officer did nothing wrong. We always will review incidents like this, that’s how police officers learn. I am confident that the review will show that the officer was totally justified. He was defending himself.
  • Seattle Police Officer’s Guild president Sgt. Rich O’Neill • Giving some insight into the situation with officer Ian Walsh, who threw a punch after being accosted by two jaywalkers, one of whom was resisting arrest. The incident is under review. If you’ve read online today, you’ll know that the punch is controversial, with some supporting the officer and others supporting the girls arrested. O’Neill makes it clear who he thinks is at fault. “If you watch the entire video, he is trying to de-escalate the situation, first by voice commands, then by taking her by the wrists, and then she reacts by pulling away and swinging,” he notes. He suggests that Walsh could’ve tried other techniques to defuse the situation. Our problem was that he had to throw a punch at all. source

16 Jun 2010 10:33


U.S.: WTF: Seattle cop punches girl in face OVER JAYWALKING

  • Does not matter what kind of cop you are. Does not matter the situation. Does not even matter that the girls were being resistant. Definitely DOES matter that it happened in broad daylight in front of a large group of people. Jaywalking is an offense that does not lead to punching. This cop should get fired. source

30 Nov 2009 09:29


U.S.: The likely coffee shop killer suspect: Shot, probably dead

  • His home was surrounded by police. Authorities are reporting this morning that they, at minimum, shot Maurice Clemmons, and at most killed him. Officers surrounded Clemmons’ home in Seattle this morning. He hasn’t been named as a formal suspect. source

29 Aug 2009 10:42


Biz: It looks like a hip, independent coffee shop, but it’s really Starbucks

15th Avenue Coffee & Tea, Inspired by Starbucks
  • This new petri dish, the 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea (which is “inspired by Starbucks”), is Starbucks’ attempt to learn some lessons about flair, quality and comfort that are currently missing from their own cold and cool and uncomfortable stores. The shop, based in Seattle, does most of the things that independent coffee shops do – brewing using low-tech methods, bringing in food from local bakeries, making their espresso arty. Will it actually end up making Starbucks cool again? No. But it’s a great start. source