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16 Jun 2010 21:07


U.S.: Seattle police-punching case update: The police back the officer

  • The officer did nothing wrong. We always will review incidents like this, that’s how police officers learn. I am confident that the review will show that the officer was totally justified. He was defending himself.
  • Seattle Police Officer’s Guild president Sgt. Rich O’Neill • Giving some insight into the situation with officer Ian Walsh, who threw a punch after being accosted by two jaywalkers, one of whom was resisting arrest. The incident is under review. If you’ve read online today, you’ll know that the punch is controversial, with some supporting the officer and others supporting the girls arrested. O’Neill makes it clear who he thinks is at fault. “If you watch the entire video, he is trying to de-escalate the situation, first by voice commands, then by taking her by the wrists, and then she reacts by pulling away and swinging,” he notes. He suggests that Walsh could’ve tried other techniques to defuse the situation. Our problem was that he had to throw a punch at all. source

16 Jun 2010 10:33


U.S.: WTF: Seattle cop punches girl in face OVER JAYWALKING

  • Does not matter what kind of cop you are. Does not matter the situation. Does not even matter that the girls were being resistant. Definitely DOES matter that it happened in broad daylight in front of a large group of people. Jaywalking is an offense that does not lead to punching. This cop should get fired. source

16 Feb 2010 09:49


U.S.: Must be the hair: Mitt Romney attacked on a plane for some reason

As his plane was taking off from Vancouver the Winter Olympics yesterday, some dude tried to attack him. It’s because he was in Vancouver. source

13 Dec 2009 21:19


World: Bring us the head of the man that punched Silvio Berlusconi!

That #(&@(&)(!)& is gonna pay for this (#^&. We’re gonna give him concrete shoes, if you get our drift. Wink wink, nudge nudge. source

05 Sep 2009 00:32


Sports: LeGarrette Blount’s punk hit punished with a not-so-punk one

  • punch Oregon’s LeGarrette Blount, the team’s star running back, violently punched Boise State defensive end Byron Hout after the team lost Thursday night.
  • retaliate After viewing the tapes and seeing how blatant the move was, the team chose to suspend him for the season. The suspension effectively ends Blount’s college career. source

06 Mar 2009 10:06


Music: Amy Winehouse charged with assault for being Amy Winehouse

  • Seriously, this is what she does. Apparently, a fan asked for a photo with the singer last summer, and Winehouse socked her in the freaking eye! I mean, because that’s what everyone in that situation would do. Yeah. source