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07 Oct 2009 21:21


Sports: Ah, high school football: A drunk fan smacks a ref with a chair

  • There’s a good two minutes of buildup before the pretty awesome payoff. Trust us, stick with it. Stadium chair-on-referee violence beckons.

05 Sep 2009 11:29


Sports: This first-person fan-catching-ball video is almost too perfect

  • A home run practice ball gets hit into the stands, and this guy with a camera conveniently catches it. Man, we wish we had that kind of randomness happen to us.

17 Aug 2009 00:42


Music: Phish superfan Steven Kwartin needs a new hobby, stat

  • 375 shows and he’s still not sick of their music source

15 May 2009 21:39


Sports: Charles Barkley is not a role model, and he’s barely a golfer

  • The former basketball star threatens to hit it towards the concession stands. Instead, he hits it towards an unlucky fan. Holy crap, he’s as good as we are at golf! source

26 Apr 2009 03:00


Sports: Hockey drama: The New York Rangers will be sans coach today

  • Of course I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t empty, by the way. He looked at me at that moment and I said, ‘Hey, you hit me in the face!’ He just grinned.
  • Claudette Chandonia • After getting a bottle of Gatorade thrown at her by New York Rangers coach John Tortorella. Tortorella, who suspended former Dallas Star Sean Avery after rough penalties in Game 4 of their series with the Washington Capitals, was suspended himself for the act of coach-fan violence. The NHL does not look kindly on you doing that, just an FYI. • source

06 Mar 2009 10:06


Music: Amy Winehouse charged with assault for being Amy Winehouse

  • Seriously, this is what she does. Apparently, a fan asked for a photo with the singer last summer, and Winehouse socked her in the freaking eye! I mean, because that’s what everyone in that situation would do. Yeah. source