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25 Jan 2011 11:06


Culture: Golden-voiced Ted Williams doesn’t stick with rehab very long

  • entering After a fight with his family members, Dr. Phil talked golden-voiced homeless guy Ted Williams into entering rehab, which he did.
  • exiting Less than two weeks after that hopeful gesture, Williams exited rehab on his own, suggesting a fall off the wagon. Sigh. source

19 Jan 2011 10:31


U.S.: Gabrielle Giffords improving significantly, could move to rehab facility

  • Everyday Gabby improves and shows higher levels of comprehension and complex actions.
  • Gabrielle Giffords’ mother, Gloria • Revealing that she could be let out of the hospital by Friday and moved to a rehabilitation facility in Houston. Which, if true, would be a miraculous recovery for Giffords, who nearly died after being shot in the head a week and a half ago. She’s been using her husband Mark Kelly’s iPhone and sitting upright. She also gave him a 20-minute neckrub. Hopefully this report isn’t too optimistic.  source

05 Dec 2009 10:03


Culture: Former WWE wrestler Umaga dead of heart attack at 36

Nobody should die of a heart attack at age 36. It just isn’t freaking right. Umaga died months after getting booted from the WWE for not going to rehab. source

15 May 2009 19:46


Music: Eminem has a different kind of weight problem from Jessica Simpson

Slim Shady’s looking a lot slimmer these days. He says it’s because he stopped drinking. In other news, “Relapse” leaked. source

24 Mar 2009 10:34


Biz, U.S.: Bankers falling off the wagon in high numbers, rehab clinics say

  • We absolutely do see more people coming in naming either a job loss or huge financial reversals or big investments with Bernie Madoff.
  • Sigurd Ackerman • The medical director at New Canaan, Connecticut’s Silver Hill Hospital rehabilitation facility, on the high number of former bankers coming in with alcoholism problems. Many (well, former) bankers live in New Canaan. • source

06 Mar 2009 10:06


Music: Amy Winehouse charged with assault for being Amy Winehouse

  • Seriously, this is what she does. Apparently, a fan asked for a photo with the singer last summer, and Winehouse socked her in the freaking eye! I mean, because that’s what everyone in that situation would do. Yeah. source