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08 Feb 2010 14:44


17 Oct 2009 21:37


U.S.: Balloon Boy’s parents are probably gonna get charged

  • Great news everyone! For wasting everyone’s time, for wasting taxpayer’s money, for making internet memes, for being named Richard Heene, for embarrassing Fort Collins, for showing us Falcon’s vomit, for keeping up amused, and for eating up the news, you’re damn right the parents are gonna get charged. (But not arrested.) source

07 Oct 2009 21:17


Tech: They went phishing, but they were the ones who got caught

  • 100 people worldwide on the hook for phishing crimes source

06 Mar 2009 10:06


Music: Amy Winehouse charged with assault for being Amy Winehouse

  • Seriously, this is what she does. Apparently, a fan asked for a photo with the singer last summer, and Winehouse socked her in the freaking eye! I mean, because that’s what everyone in that situation would do. Yeah. source