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05 Nov 2010 23:18


Tech: Steve Ballmer decides to cash out some Microsoft shares

  • $1.3 billion, or 12 percent, of Ballmer’s stake sold source

30 Jul 2010 20:33


Tech: Microsoft Wind-woes: Steve Ballmer feeling heat over the iPad

  • They’ve sold certainly more than I’d like them to have sold.
  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer • In the process of eating crow about the success of the iPad. You know, that device that Sen. Scott Brown held up yesterday when ripping into the hapless Arlington Cemetery staff who were unable to prevent thousands of graves from getting mixed up. Anyway … Microsoft has a decade of experience in the tablet business and now is in the unenviable position of playing catch-up. If this plot sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the exact same plot as their mobile phone platform. source

03 Jun 2010 20:51


Tech: That’ll teach ’em: Microsoft launches hypocritical criticism at Google

CEO Steve Ballmer and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie asked aloud why Google has two OSes. They should really have twelve, like Microsoft. source

24 Jan 2010 20:36


Tech: “It’s got Windows on it, I promise.” Steve Ballmer signs a Macbook Pro

  • Good idea, better reaction. Uncle Fester, a.k.a. Steve Ballmer, was caught off guard when a college student asked him to sign his Macbook Pro. Without losing a beat, the Microsoft Chairman and CEO signed it for him, with the phrase “Need a new one?” plastered on it in permanent marker. Awesome from all corners. source

30 Jul 2009 21:30


Biz, Tech: Steve Ballmer: Investors are missing the MS/Yahoo deal’s benefits

  • Yahoo gets 88% of the search revenue they have today. They have 0% cost of goods sold against 88% revenue and they have no [research and development] expense and no ongoing [capital expenditure].
  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer • Explaining the benefit Yahoo gets for agreeing to letting Microsoft’s Bing power their searches. Some were disappointed that Yahoo didn’t get an upfront payment as part of the agreement, causing Yahoo’s stock to tumble while the rest of the market is doing relatively well. Ballmer explains that the benefit for Yahoo will be down the line when they don’t have to invest in search development. • source

08 Jan 2009 10:15


Tech: If you didn’t gank it from The Pirate Bay already …

  • Windows 7 Beta, out Friday. Steve Ballmer announced the news at his less-notable keynote speech at CES yesterday. It may be an attempt to clear the veins of the company’s much maligned current version of Windows, Vista. Personally, as Mac fans, we thought they were universally maligned. source