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26 Jul 2010 20:57


Politics: The Fairness Doctrine: Why you should miss the broadcast balancer

  • Imagine a world where you didn’t hear only what you wanted to hear. In the age of the Fairness Doctrine, broadcasters were actually required to give time to the voices they might otherwise choose to shut out.
  • AOL News opinion guy Barry Weintraub • Lamenting the long-lost Fairness Doctrine, which created boring TV but led to a much more well-informed electorate. Now, let’s face it – in the age of blogging, we could never realistically go back to this, because technology has become more customized in the 20-odd years since the FCC took it away. But it’s probably important to note how it ended. Basically, Reagan staffer Mark S. Fowler, claiming that it violated the First Amendment, started tearing apart the long-standing policy as FCC chairman. Just seeing how television – let alone talk radio, that quickly-budding bastion of angry politics – has changed in the last 20 years suggests how necessary it or something like it just might be. source

31 May 2010 01:00


Offbeat: Icelandic politics so bad, comedy parties are winning elections

  • Reykjavik better hope these jokers actually bring Disneyland. Tina Turner, eat your heart out. This commercial is not only laugh-out-loud hilarious, it was incredibly effective, too. Jón Gnarr of “The Best Party” got more than he bargained for when his just-created party won 34.7% of the vote in the city’s local election, topping everyone else and securing six out of the 15 city council seats. Gnarr has the comic sensibility of Ricky Gervais without the use of the letter C. (And more promises of towels.) source

28 Apr 2010 11:05


11 Apr 2010 09:40


World: Iraqi Prime Minister’s party says a whole lot of fraud goin’ on

  • 750,000 fraudulent votes reported by the political coalition
  • five number of provinces they want recounts in source

25 Mar 2010 20:36


U.S.: Teenagers learn that that killer party wasn’t really worth it

  • There was blood, urine, food, all over the floors. I’ve never seen anything like it in my career.
  • East Bridgewater, Mass. Police Detective Michael Jenkins • Regarding the killer party that some punk kids threw while another kid’s parents were on vacation in Paris. They caused $45,000 in damages, got arrested, and somehow managed to top this shirtless Australian pro. From the sound of the story, this situation was a nightmare – laptops were stolen, cars were damaged, mattresses were urinated on, and walls were severely damaged. Or in other words, just another average Saturday night for the 14,000 residents of sleepy East Bridgewater, Mass. Kegger next week! source

24 Mar 2010 23:52


Politics: Senate Republicans play dirty with reconciliation bill amendments

  • 32 the number of amendments being offered up by Republicans to the reconciliation bill
  • one insane amendment removes access to
    Viagra for sex
    offenders; it’s there to
    shame the Dems
  • zero the number of amendments that will pass; if any do, the entire bill goes back to the House source

24 Feb 2010 10:49


Politics: Partisanship tally: GOP most to blame, but Dems should bend

  • 67% of Americans don’t think that the GOP is doing enough to work with Obama
  • 52% say the same thing about Obama working together with the Republican Party
  • 54% say Democrats, not Republicans have to take the first step to mend the rift source

05 Dec 2009 17:04


World: Russia’s deadly nightclub fire blamed on a pyrotechnic FAIL

  • 5 have been held in the nightclub disaster that killed 109+ source

08 Nov 2009 11:50


31 Oct 2009 11:35