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26 Jul 2010 20:57


Politics: The Fairness Doctrine: Why you should miss the broadcast balancer

  • Imagine a world where you didn’t hear only what you wanted to hear. In the age of the Fairness Doctrine, broadcasters were actually required to give time to the voices they might otherwise choose to shut out.
  • AOL News opinion guy Barry Weintraub • Lamenting the long-lost Fairness Doctrine, which created boring TV but led to a much more well-informed electorate. Now, let’s face it – in the age of blogging, we could never realistically go back to this, because technology has become more customized in the 20-odd years since the FCC took it away. But it’s probably important to note how it ended. Basically, Reagan staffer Mark S. Fowler, claiming that it violated the First Amendment, started tearing apart the long-standing policy as FCC chairman. Just seeing how television – let alone talk radio, that quickly-budding bastion of angry politics – has changed in the last 20 years suggests how necessary it or something like it just might be. source