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25 Feb 2012 11:13


U.S.: Vermont same-sex couple vows to fight DOMA, deportation

  • How can our country, with a President who knows discrimination in his core, how can they continue to uphold DOMA?
  • Vermont resident Frances Herbert • Discussing the issues her wife, Takaka Ueda, is facing. Herbert is legally married to Ueda — a native of Japan and her partner of 13 years — and in shock, after the Department of Homeland Security sent a letter denying Ueda’s request to stay in the country. Ueda moved to the US from Japan in 1999, but is now living in the country illegally and faces deportation. Vermont’s congressional delegation has even stepped in, submitting a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, asking them to reconsider. Now the couple plans to fight the ruling, and the Defense of Marriage Act in general, in hopes of preventing this from happening to anyone else. Think they’ll succeed? source

29 Aug 2011 01:30


U.S.: Irene’s remnants catch Vermont off-guard, cause heavy flooding

  • Our emergency management people are flat-out trying as hard as they can to avoid loss of life. We have been encouraging any Vermonter who lives near a brook, river or lake should head to higher ground.
  • Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin • Offering a message to people in his state affected by the now-former tropical storm Irene, which is really now just a giant storm that’s dropping a ton of rain on Shumlin’s state. And the state wasn’t expecting it: According to Shumlin, officials expected the storm to nail the Connecticut River Valley, but the storm track changed and now it’s over Vermont. Some locals have called it the worst flooding the region has seen in a generation. So yeah, Irene’s nothing to screw with even though she’s no longer a tropical storm. source

10 Dec 2010 19:40


Politics: Bernie Sanders’ filibuster: The Senate gets interesting for a day

  • 516 number of minutes Bernie Sanders and others filibustered in the Senate today (from 10:24 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)
  • no Sanders’ filibuster, fun as it was to watch, didn’t affect any votes from happening today source

04 Nov 2009 10:55


U.S.: Vermont wants to get you drunker than any other state

  • 16% the legal alcohol-by-volume cap for beer in Verdrunk source

08 Oct 2009 20:30


U.S.: State health care coverage: Vermont’s best, Mississippi’s worst

  • 7% of Vermont residents are uninsured, and most of the uninsured are dirty, smelly hippies (we think)
  • 20% of Mississippi residents are uninsured, and they bottom out a lot of other data profiles, too source

09 May 2009 21:50


Politics, U.S.: How did New England become a mecca of gay marriage?

  • Clearly, attitudes about gay people have changed in New England. I mean, they must have, right? Or was the region always more accepting in general despite my personal experiences?
  • PlanetOut columnist Carter Todd • Discussing what, to him, is a bizarre evolution of the gay marriage debate. Todd grew up in New England and did not believe the region to be particularly gay-friendly nor particularly open about its sexuality, and in fact found Boston to be not gay-friendly at all. So he raised the question to his readers: Why New England? • source

08 Apr 2009 10:07


U.S.: Why are these women so happy? They can get married.

Vermont passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, and Iowa’s supreme court legalized it. Can you feel the love? source