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06 Jul 2011 14:09


World: In Iceland, you might need a prescription to smoke

  • Your doctor may have to give you the go-ahead if you want to keep up the habit. Officials are hoping to do this as an effort to get people to quit. Recently, they’ve raised taxes on cigarettes and they’re on the way to banning them in many public places. Under the proposal, smokers would have to go through treatment programs to try to kick their habit. If they couldn’t pull it off, they’d get prescribed cigarettes. This seems like a bit far to reach, if you ask us, and it could create a black market because it’s so restrictive. Regardless, it should help people quit, should this measure pass —because that’s a lot of trouble to go through for a smoke. (photo via Flickr user mamagrrl) source

07 Jun 2011 16:13


Politics: How would the Cain administration view legislating?

  • 3 pages maximum for any bill signed into law by President Cain source
  • » A true political outsider: It’s understandable that career politicians are constantly seeking to distance themselves from their own experience levels in government — the concept of the “outsider” marching into D.C. to clean house is very appealing, if not terribly realistic. Having a genuine outsider, though, with no governmental record to run away from, carries with it the risk that said person won’t really understand how government operates. Whether this is the case for Herman Cain, or he was just trying to win some easy appeal from a partisan crowd is unknown. That said, it’s a remark that if taken seriously does not make Cain seem like a terribly serious candidate, his other advantages (charisma chiefly among them) aside. Or, maybe he’s just trying to save paper by forcing the bills to hit his desk double-sided in 3-point type. That’s a possibility, too.

04 Nov 2009 21:19


U.S.: Automatic drip: California passes a massive water-reform bill

  • $40 billion to fix some faulty pipes or something source

23 Jul 2009 16:40


World: Ireland made it very illegal (and expensive!) to speak blasphemy

  • 25,000 fine in Ireland for blasphemy source

26 May 2009 08:57


U.S.: Texas admissions policies puts schools in tough spots

  • 10% The cutoff point, set by a popular piece of legislation, for top-performing high school students to be guaranteed admission to Texas universities
  • 81% Percentage of U. Texas’ freshman class that makes up; they may get some breathing room thanks to a piece of legislation that just passed the state House source

07 May 2009 08:48


U.S.: Lots of tide-turning news on the gay marriage front

  • one Maine became the fifth state to legalize gay marriage yesterday, doing so with legislation rather than court decision or ballot initiative.
  • two Nearby New Hampshire is right behind with legislation, but faces a tougher battle in the form of an undecided governor who has yet to sign the bill.
  • three All this momentum is looking good for pro-gay-marriage activists in California, who will likely try to get Prop. 8 overturned in 2010.

08 Apr 2009 10:07


U.S.: Why are these women so happy? They can get married.

Vermont passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, and Iowa’s supreme court legalized it. Can you feel the love? source

26 Jan 2009 15:33


Tech: Camera phones could have to click with the law

  • A new bill is making a clicking noise. Republican Rep. Peter King of New York recently introduced a bill to Congress that would force cell-phone-makers to have their phones make a “clicking” noise whenever they’re used, so as to prevent the shooter from using their phones as spy cameras. We’re not sure how we feel about this – it seems like there’s arguments for and against a bill like this. However, there appears that the bill is stuck in committee, so it may not even be an issue. source