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01 Feb 2010 21:38


Offbeat: Three cheetahs and an antelope sign a peace treaty … for now

  • In a world full of death and destruction, it’s nice to see predator and prey getting along. This antelope somehow got on the good side of three deadly cheetahs, and fortunately, they did it in front of someone with cameras. As a result, we have it encased in amber. source

26 Jan 2009 15:33


Tech: Camera phones could have to click with the law

  • A new bill is making a clicking noise. Republican Rep. Peter King of New York recently introduced a bill to Congress that would force cell-phone-makers to have their phones make a “clicking” noise whenever they’re used, so as to prevent the shooter from using their phones as spy cameras. We’re not sure how we feel about this – it seems like there’s arguments for and against a bill like this. However, there appears that the bill is stuck in committee, so it may not even be an issue. source