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24 Feb 2012 08:54


U.S.: Marines killed in helicopter training at California’s Camp Pendleton

  • what Two military helicopters collided in midair Wednesday night. The collision, which happened during a routine training session along the Arizona-California border, killed seven U.S. Marines.
  • why The investigation is still on-going, so officials have not announced the cause of the collision. The crash occurred at night with a lot of dust in the air from the aircraft, limiting visibility. source

12 Jan 2012 10:12


World: Reaction to shocking Marine corpse desecration video extremely strong

  • The actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps. This matter will be fully investigated.
  • A statement from the Marine Corps Headquarters • Angrily criticizing a video, posted on YouTube, that appears to show Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters. However the video, which has floated around YouTube for the past day, has not been verified. The Pentagon, however, said there is no indication that the video isn’t authentic. The video has drawn a number of angry responses from officials as varied as Sen. John McCain, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Council on Islamic-American Relations. In Karzai’s case, he called the video “completely inhumane.” If the video is accurate, he’ll find us agreeing with him. source

31 Dec 2011 15:30


U.S.: Marine saves his own life after robbery after plugging bullet holes with fingers

  • I’m a Marine and I’m not going to run from a fight. You wouldn’t want a Marine to run from a fight. Call me crazy, call me stupid. I got shot once and it just angered me more. I wanted to get this guy. I got shot twice, and I re-evaluated that decision. I decided I need to stay alive.
  • Florida-based Marine vet Lt. Col Karl Trenker • Discussing how he got shot, days before Christmas, in a Craigslist-transaction-gone-bad. The Iraq and Afghanistan vet’s fiance tried selling a man’s gold-chain necklace, but Trenker offered to make the transaction due to safety concerns, which turned out to be correct, as the alleged buyer picked up the necklace and ran. Trenker ran after the man, known only as “Galven,” only to get shot twice. Here’s the dramatic part: Following his training as a Marine (29 years experience), he plugged the bullet holes with his fingers, a move which likely saved his life. Say what you will about the Craigslist transaction (it certainly wasn’t the best idea), but that’s pretty amazing, no matter how you look at the situation. source

21 Jun 2011 15:41


Politics: Marine Sgt. Major speaks in support of gay rights in military

  • It says, ‘Raise an army.’ It says absolutely nothing about race, color, creed, sexual orientation. How dare we, then, exclude a group of people who want to do the same thing you do right now, something that is honorable and noble? Get over it… Let’s just move on, treat everybody with firmness, fairness, dignity, compassion and respect. Let’s be Marines.
  • Marine Corps. Sergeant Major Michael Barrett • Speaking to a group of Marines about the reversal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Barrett argues that, even to somebody who may harbor personal prejudice against homosexuals, is likely to strike a chord. Namely, the argument for a military free of discrimination that relies on the strength and valor of said military as the pitch. We’ve always thought this was an underplayed aspect of the DADT debate from last year — the mentality that our men and women in service couldn’t handle being around a homosexual soldier is not only an affront to our society’s standards of equality, but it seems to imply a pretty distasteful thing about the professionalism of our military forces. Having somebody in Barrett’s position say this is very important for a smooth transition to a more open military, so we thank him. source

14 Dec 2010 20:40


Politics: Marine commandant stands behind harsh words about “don’t ask”

  • I don’t want to lose any Marines to a distraction. I don’t want to have any Marines I’m visiting at Bethesda (Naval Hospital) with no legs as a result of any type of distraction. So that’s where I come down on this.
  • Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos • Expressing his staunch opinion about allowing gays in his service. He says he based his feelings on the recent report done on the matter, which suggested Marines were most uncomfortable with the change. “This is what I call the real deal,” he said, “and the forces that wear this uniform that are in the middle of what I call the real deal came back and told their commandant of the Marine Corps they have concerns. That’s all I needed.” Just think – if a court decision forces your hand, James, you’re not going to be able to do anything about the matter. Think about that. source

03 Dec 2010 10:52


Politics: Marines by far most resistant to repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell”

  • If the law is changed, successfully implementing repeal and assimilating openly homosexual Marines into the tightly woven fabric of our combat units has strong potential for disruption at the small unit level, as it will no doubt divert leadership attention away from an almost singular focus of preparing units for combat.
  • Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos • Offering perhaps the strongest argument against repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.” His comments, made in front of a Senate panel, should be obvious in the wake of the Pentagon’s recent study, which showed Marines to be the branch most resistant to the idea of openly gay soldiers. From there, the responses grew progressively more positive, with the Army pushing for eventual repeal, the Air Force pushing for repeal in 2012, and the Navy pushing for repeal right freaking now. source

19 Nov 2010 12:00


World: Afghan War apparently needs tanks now, for some reason

  • The Afghan War’s been going on for nine years. Know what it’s been missing all this time? That’s right. Tanks. The Afghan War is finally getting its first tanks. About freaking time, if you ask someone who knows nothing about military policy (or why it’s necessary to take on terrorists with something this big), but just thinks tanks are awesome. source

14 Feb 2010 10:07


World: U.S. soldiers in Marjah: “We’re taking fire from all angles”

The Taliban made themselves known today after U.S. Marines took over a building. 30-35 insurgents have been killed during the offensive. source

12 Feb 2010 17:31


World: Time for action: The U.S. and Afghanistan take the Taliban head-on

  • Get your war on! In the first major assault since Obama moved to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, NATO and the U.S. are attacking the Taliban stronghold of Marjah, which is a new style of fighting for the region. Marjah is the last large stronghold the Taliban has in the rough and tumble Helmand Province. Here’s a lineup of the troops ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum:
  • 4,500 U.S. Marines are leading the offensive
  • 1,500 Afghan troops are joining in the attack
  • 300 U.S. soldiers are taking part, too source

01 Jul 2009 22:40


U.S., World: Yo, Taliban in Afghanistan growing opium: Watch out for Marines

  • 4,000 Marines are coming to kick butt and take names source