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01 Apr 2010 23:45


Biz: Dunkin’ Donuts (faux-)redesigns, reminds people of their mascot roots

It’s way too convincing for an April Fool’s joke. In this reimagining,t hey lost the donut-shaped type, and added back Dunkie, a ’50s-and-’60s icon. Awesome. source

27 Mar 2010 16:41


Biz: Who wants to kill Ronald McDonald (well, besides obesity)?

  • The group that got Joe Camel killed now wants to kill a certain clown. Corporate Accountability International, a business watchdog group, is trying to get McDonald’s to “retire” (a.k.a. kill) their key corporate icon, due to the fact that he has so much influence on kids. They plan to release a poll suggesting this, too. McDonald’s, for their part, isn’t budging, saying he’s a huge part of the company and its charities. We think he won’t be as easy to kill as Joe Camel, kids; he’s too well-known. source

16 Feb 2010 10:37


Offbeat: Cheerleaders make good raptor food, better viral videos

  • “We’re never gonna hear from that cheerleader again!” We give a hearty thumbs up to this raptor mascot, whose modus operandi is much closer to how people really act than your average mascot. Survival of the fittest. Dance really good or get eaten.