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01 Feb 2012 14:27


Politics: Mitt Romney provides his opponents with tailor-made gaffe

  • I’m not concerned about the very poor; we have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich; they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.
  • Mitt Romney • Speaking to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien this morning. There’s a few different reasons this will, and likely should, be seen as a gaffe. Romney’s political opponents now have footage of him saying he’s not concerned about the very poor, which isolated from his broader point feeds the very narrative that is most damaging to him, that of the disaffected millionaire. Snipping the quote and excising his real point about the Americans in between would be somewhat disingenuous. Even taken in full context, though, he is suggesting the very poor and very rich are somehow equally undeserving of a President’s attention, which is a peculiar philosophical position in and of itself, and one we suspect won’t play well with a great deal of people. source

16 Aug 2011 20:30


Politics: Gaffe of the day: Michele Bachmann confuses Elvis’ birth with Elvis’ death

  • Let’s emphasize something: It’s August of 2011. There is a whole year and three months of this election mess to go. This politician is a frontrunner in a presidential race that’s proven full of gaffes so far. If she’s saying things like this now, is she gonna learn to not do this a year from now? Or is she going to keep making gaffes like these? Even beyond the many issues she has politically, how many people are going to go for a president that regularly makes stupid mistakes like this? Elvis is rolling in his grave … eating fried peanut butter and banana birthday cake. source

10 Apr 2011 10:24


World: Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara reelected despite epic gaffe

This dude’s thanking his lucky stars today. See, he suggested that the tsunami was “divine punishment” for the people of Japan. (Ouch!) He still got re-elected. Shockingly. source

19 Jan 2011 20:43


Politics: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley really sorry for religious comments

  • If anyone from other religions felt disenfranchised by the language, I want to say I am sorry. I am sorry if I offended anyone in any way.
  • Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley • Giving one of those non-apology apologies we kinda sorta love after he decided to throw all non-Christians under the bus in his first speech as governor. Hint: Anytime anyone says “I am sorry if I offended anyone,” it means they’re not apologizing for their stance, but for putting it in the public sphere for the dogs to pick at. Here’s a word of advice for Mr. Bentley: Like the brand of cars that shares your name, stay elegant and classy. And also, do things that make people of all cultures and walks of life – even rappers – like you. Set the standard for others to follow. Just a tip from your friendly news bloggers. source

22 Oct 2010 16:01


Politics: New Mexico gubernatorial debate discusses “big fat boners”

  • Just a hunch: She said “big fat boners,” but we’re sure she meant “big fat bonuses.” source

07 Jun 2010 21:04


Tech: Apple should change its name to “Gaffle” after today

  • one During a demonstration of the new iPhone, the phone hangs on the loading of the New York Times.
  • two After telling everyone to get off the network (after getting ripped by a Verizon fan), FaceTime freezes up.
  • three Apple announces a new version of Safari before the browser itself is up. Then they retract. Oops. source

28 May 2010 18:47


Politics: Oh boy: Rand Paul wants to punish illegal immigrants’ children

  • DUDE. Do you not remember what happened last week? Despite, well, the 14th Amendment, Paul thinks that denying citizenship to children of illegal immigrants is a good thing. “We shouldn’t provide an easy route to citizenship,” he said. “We’re the only country that I know that allows people to come in illegally, have a baby, and then that baby becomes a citizen. And I think that should stop.” It’s an amendment man, AN AMENDMENT. He’s already said things offensive towards blacks and latinos. Who’s next? source