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25 Feb 2012 19:54


Culture: Steve Kordek, father of modern pinball, passes away at 100

Pinball Machine

  • He brought the flippers and the tilt: Kordek, who died last Sunday, revolutionized what were then called “pin games”, in which a user would drop a ball into a maze of pins, by creating the tilted game-board and dual-flipper system we’re all familiar with today. (Which, by the way, is a totally underrated form of entertainment.) When asked about his invention by the Chicago Tribune, in 2009, Kordek replied, “I was taught to be very conservative to hold down costs. There was no way I was going to put six flippers on a game when I could get away with two.” Kordek retired in 1999, and lost his wife in 2003. He’s survived by two sons, two daughters, two brothers, a sister, six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. (image courtesy of flickr user jlstern)  source

05 Jul 2011 16:25


Offbeat: Main claims discrimination over his pinball wizardry

  • 40 lawsuits filed by John Luckett; he’s also a wizard at litigation source
  • » Who’s John Luckett? Not someone you should know anything about, probably. He’s just filed lots of lawsuits – so many he can’t even sue in California anymore. Right now he’s trying to sue the Las Vegas-based Pinball Hall of Fame because he was told by police to stay away from it after he shoved an employee. He also claims he was thrown out because he was discriminated against for his “pinball wizardry” — that is, his ability to play for so long on only 50 cents. Something tells us that pinball wizards aren’t protected by the EEOC. (via Gawker)