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31 Oct 2010 10:41


Biz, Politics: Prop. 23-pushing Valero claims they’re not so eco-evil

Just because we’re pushing for Prop. 23 to pass means we hate the environment! Look! Here’s a worker of ours RIDING A BIKE AT OUR PLANT! SEE? source

05 Oct 2010 11:03


Biz: Sun Chips ditches their eco-friendly (but noisy) chip bags

  • Why this bag was awesome It was completely, utterly biodegradable, which meant that if you threw it in compost, in six weeks, it was freaking gone. Yay, environment! WHHOOOOOO.

    Why this bag kind of sucked Basically, it was really, really, loud. Loud enough that people complained about how loud it was on Facebook and YouTube. With good reason – its decibel count was easily 20 above a normal chip bag.

    How Sun Chips reacted After months of using these bags to much complaining from snackers who prefer quiet to compost, they’ve chosen to ditch the bags until they find something quieter. And not a moment too soon, right?

    The lesson to take from this People love to save the environment until it inconveniences them. Then they start complaining really loudly. Save the world! But not in my back yard. source

06 Jun 2010 11:11


U.S.: “Peak Oil”: Some eco-types think the the post-oil ride is gonna suck

  • There’s lot of apocalyptic people in environmental circles. A lot of those people were outraged that we presented an optimistic view of the future. There’s a dark vision driving us, but we’re about moving toward a positive picture of what can be done.
  • Transition US founder Raven Gray • On the response to her group, which is a British transplant. The group believes in the theory of “peak oil,” where there’s an economic collapse and “population die-off” that comes as the amount of oil in the world dwindles. The group is growing quickly – starting with just two chapters in 2008, it now has 68. Some granola hippies think we’re all gonna go through this post-apocalyptic drama. And that’s right, kids. We’re all gonna die. Because we don’t have oil. source

16 May 2010 12:21


U.S.: Hay, this guy is a genius: One solution for oil cleanup

  • This guy is either an alchemist or he’s come across a pretty amazing solution to cleaning up the massive oil spill. Florida resident Otis Goodson has been pitching this idea lately, and it’s been picking up a lot of attention. It got ours, too. Eco-friendly AND dead-simple. source

22 Apr 2010 10:39


U.S., World: Happy Earth Day or something. It’s 40 years old today.

The New York Times (of course) has a killer timeline on the environment, and Earth Day’s role within that history. source

06 Mar 2010 13:18


Culture: James Cameron’s wife will be wearing an eco-friendly Oscar dress

In case you’re wondering, Suzy Amis Cameron is the one on the left. The one on the right, Jillian Granz, is the college student who designed the “Avatar blue” dress. source

10 Jun 2009 18:37


Biz, Tech: CHARGE! Bankrupt GM spends a ton of money on batteries

GM is so focused on trying to reinvent itself that it built this giant frickin’ $25 million lab to make giant batteries for electric cars source

03 Feb 2009 11:02


Tech: Ink is expensive. Use coffee grounds to print your stuff instead.

The RITI coffee printer probably will make your papers peppier. (See what I did there?) source