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07 Feb 2011 12:57


U.S.: This week in international disease transplantation

  • 3 cholera diagnoses in New York City, by way of the Dominican Republic source

28 Nov 2010 11:56


World: Haiti’s elections are today; think good thoughts for them

Between the earthquake, the cholera, and basically the past 300 years, they need effective leaders to recover and improve. Let’s hope the vote helps them. source

20 Nov 2010 11:14


World: Haitian workers take on the cholera problem head-on. (Eww.)

Well, that’s one way to stop the cholera problem. This guy jumps into Port-au-Prince’s disgusting canals to clean them out. By hand. Uh, thanks, man. source

19 Nov 2010 11:48


World: Haiti cholera outbreak spreads to insanely overcrowded prison

  • 1,100 number of Haitians who have died during the recent cholera outbreak over the last month
  • 2,000 number of people in an overcrowded Haitian prison, which just reported fresh cases of cholera source
  • » Oh, and now there’s protests: To top off the whole drama with the cholera outbreak, protests against the United Nations have gained steam over the last few days. They claim that UN peacekeepers from Nepal caused the outbreak. The UN denies this.

17 Nov 2010 22:27


U.S.: Haiti’s cholera outbreak finds its way to American shores

  • 1 case of cholera in Florida thanks to the Haiti outbreak; uh-oh source

14 Nov 2010 12:09


World: Haiti’s cholera outbreak tops 900, spreads throughout country

  • 917 the current death toll from waterborne cholera in Haiti as of Friday
  • 14.7k the number of hospitalizations caused by the outbreak
  • six of the country’s ten provinces have had cholera outbreaks source

07 Nov 2010 12:07


World: Haiti’s cholera outbreak gets much larger after Hurricane Tomas

  • 500+ people have died in Haiti’s recent cholera outbreak
  • 7,000+ have fallen ill to the very scary waterborne disease source

05 Nov 2010 23:08


World: Hurricane Tomas latest disaster to ruin Haiti’s year

Dear higher power…. can you find another group of people to royally screw over multiple times? Even a modest disaster like Tomas totally sucks for them. Thanks, rest of world. source

24 Oct 2010 11:40


World: Haiti’s real cholera fear? A massive outbreak in Port-Au-Prince

As high as the cholera outbreak’s death toll has been so far, the real danger is if it devastates massively-populated Port-Au-Prince. A few cases have already hit. source

24 Oct 2010 10:04


World: Haiti: Cholera death toll rising

  • 200+ dead from cholera epidemic in Haiti source