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09 Mar 2009 21:57


U.S.: More proof that Obama isn’t Bush: The war on science is over

  • Promoting science isn’t just about providing resources. It is about letting scientists … do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it’s inconvenient; especially when it’s inconvenient.
  • Barack Obama • As he was lifting the ban on embryonic stem-cell research, which lasted for 8-and-a-half years during the Bush years. He claims this is part of a broader initiative to end the government’s limitations on what science can do. Understandably, he’s annoying a bunch of religious conservatives by doing this, but that’s why a Democrat was elected into office! • source

09 Mar 2009 09:55


U.S.: Michael J. Fox, for one, is happy the stem cell ban’s going away

  • Today is a new day. I’m thrilled to see President Obama has honored his commitment to get politics out of science. The last few years have been incredibly frustrating for patients and researchers who believe that embryonic stem cell research has the potential to bring better treatment.
  • Michael J. Fox • On President Obama’s impending reversal on the embryonic stem cell research ban. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, has long been an advocate for using stem cell research and has campaigned heavily in favor of it. Obama will likely reverse the ban today. • source

23 Jan 2009 20:47


U.S.: “Hugely significant”: First human embryonic stem cell trials approved

  • It’s hugely significant in the sense that it’s the first approval of a human embryonic stem cell trial. In this week of hope and change, it feels even better.
  • Amy Rick • president of Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research, on the first approved trials of embryonic stem cells. Some believe that Obama’s inauguaration is directly tied to the approval; others don’t want to give him sole credit • source