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13 Jun 2011 16:38


Biz, World: Standard and Poor’s downgrades Greece’s credit rating again

  • Greece’s S&P credit rating now world’s lowest: Standard and Poor’s, the international credit rating agency, has slashed Greece’s rating by three levels, from B down to CCC — their lowest rated nation. They also warned that a potential debt restructuring would likely be viewed as a default, which would cause them to cut Greece further down to SD (selective default) for their credit rating, and D for the nation’s debt instruments. So, on top of this bad news, it seems almost assured to get worse before it gets any better. source

19 Sep 2010 11:17


Offbeat: Manhattan sandwich shop makes best of “B” rating

If you can’t “B” the best, you might as well fake it. Which is what Manhattan sandwich shop Cer Té did. They added the letters “EST” to their safety inspection grade. source

14 Dec 2009 11:23


Politics: Obama’s all like, I’m a total B+, guys. Do you agree?

  • Obama rolls comfortably when he’s with Oprah. So when he’s talking about himself on TV, as he did during last night’s Christmas special, he says things like this. Some might find it self-serving. Others might find it cocky. We find it honest. He’s stood his ground on a lot of things even when they weren’t popular. Approval ratings be damned.