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07 Jun 2010 10:19


Tech: “Magic Trackpad”: Do you have room in your life for such a device?

  • This is where it’d fit in your life. You know, next to your keyboard and mouse. Let’s face it – Apple’s MacBook Pro trackpad is one of the greatest mousing devices ever created, and at today’s WWDC conference (which Gizmodo hasn’t been invited to), they’ve reportedly separated the trackpad from the laptop. As long as you didn’t hurt the MacBook Pro, guys. We’re not sure we could even imagine such a thing. (Photo by Dan Berte) source

14 Jan 2010 10:31


Tech: Regarding the “real” iPhone rumors, they’re pretty darn good

  • camera The phone is rumored to have a five-megapixel camera, which would bring it into optical parity with the kinda-flopping Google Nexus One.
  • case Know the Apple Magic Mouse, the coolest idea for a mouse, ever? Imagine an iPhone case that works the same way. Blown away?
  • apps The new iPhone will reportedly have a refreshed App Store, and possibly a new OS. Expect something around July. source

25 Nov 2009 11:55


Tech: Magic Mouse praise: “It’s the first Apple mouse that doesn’t suck”

Despite the fairly high praise, Wired doesn’t claim it’s absolutely perfect, as they only gave it a 7 out of 10. Why? It doesn’t do Expose and Spaces. Lame. source

20 Oct 2009 23:41


Tech: We’re convinced Apple’s Magic Mouse is gratuitous nerd porn.

  • We know, we know. There have been a lot of tech-oriented articles on the site today. But that’s because there’s been a lot of really awesome tech toys on the radar today. But really, the biggest one is Apple’s new Magic Mouse, which combines the multitouch technology the company has been flaunting on the Macbooks for nearly a year with the Mighty Mouse, a mouse that sounded like a better idea than it actually was (because the tiny ball didn’t live up to the hype). But watching this video, we’re convinced that this device is purely pornographic. Magic Mouse? More like Magic Fingers. source