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06 Nov 2011 09:29


Politics: Ron Paul wins another straw poll; Herman Cain right behind

Despite a scandal that chewed up much press energy this week, Herman Cain was only two points behind Ron Paul in a Republican straw poll in Illinois. But Paul still kicked his butt. source

18 Sep 2011 11:54


Politics: Ron Paul wins California straw poll, proving his base is still strong

We’re absolutely positive that the drunk guy in this video put him over the edge. Clearly, it was exactly what Ron needed to ensure his electoral future. source

16 Aug 2011 20:32


U.S.: Ron Paul cops a move from T-Paw’s playbook

  • Tim Pawlenty may no longer be running for president, but his influence on the race continues to be felt. If you don’t believe us, check out this new Ron Paul commercial, which mimics Pawlenty’s wonderful Michael Bay-style campaign ads. Paul’s take is admittedly a bit more toned-down, but the general approach is the same–trick young (or disengaged) voters into thinking they’re watching a movie trailer, then flip it on ’em and start pitching the candidate. This ad appeals to electability, making the spurious claim that only Ron Paul can defeat President Obama in the general election. It’s an attempt to widen his appeal, which is devoted (to say the least), but still rather narrow. source

14 Jul 2011 10:27


Politics: Ron Paul learns the value of the high-gloss campaign ad

  • It’s interesting, really: If you’ve ever seen Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign ads, you’ll know this is a complete change-up for him. These are Pawlenty-level image-editing values right over here. Will this help him move beyond his base and possibly turn into a 2012 tour de force? Who knows? But it certainly makes him seem more impressive than his 2008 ads ever did. It drives the point home better than anything else he’s ever done. source

13 May 2011 11:01


Politics: Ron Paul announces presidential run: Now’s his time to shine

  • Time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what I’ve been saying for 30 years. So, I think the time is right.
  • Rep. Ron Paul • In announcing his third run for president on “Good Morning America.” A campaign event is planned for later today. Let’s face it — even if it doesn’t succeed this time, now’s the time for Ron to do it. His words hold more influence now than they ever have before. He won’t have to fight so hard for press this time. And unlike Newt Gingrich, he doesn’t need gimmicks (I’m announcing on Twitter!) to pull it off. source