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19 Nov 2010 21:06


Culture: What? People actually want to read Mark Twain’s autobiography

  • 7,500 number of copies the publisher of Mark Twain’s autobiography published for its first run
  • six number of reprintings they’ve had to do since the book came out earlier this month
  • 275k number of copies the book has sold so far, it looks like it’s a major hit, actually┬ásource
  • ┬╗ Why did they underestimate? Well, the book, published exactly 100 years after the legendary author died, is kind of a bear. At 500,000 words, four pounds and $35, it’s not exactly breezy summer reading. And there’s more books coming next year, too.

04 Sep 2010 11:30


World: Tony Blair + anti-war protesters + eggs = A protest omelet

So yeah, apparently some people in Ireland aren’t willing to let bygones be bygones. Blair’s been gone; then he had to write that stupid memoir. source

02 Sep 2010 11:18


World: Tony Blair’s memoirs really freaking popular for some reason

  • People care about what Tony Blair has to say. Well, at least in the U.K., the U.S. and Canada. In the U.K., the book is breaking sales records, and is currently the fastest-selling autobiography in publisher Waterstone’s history. In the U.S. and Canada, it’s also making a killing. While Waterstone isn’t naming exact numbers yet, they’ve called the success of “A Journey” unprecedented. Not bad for a former prime minister. source

12 Dec 2009 15:55


Culture: William Shatner vs. Sarah Palin: Who wins the funny?

  • This may be the funniest that Sarah Palin has ever been. You know, besides the political speeches that weren’t meant to be.