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23 May 2011 22:11


Culture: Lady Gaga MP3 deal backfires; Amazon users pissed

  • sweet! Lady Gaga’s latest album is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon MP3. What’s more, it comes with a free 20gb of cloud music storage!
  • aww no! The deal was so popular, it clogged Amazon’s servers. Users got cut off mid-download, and are now giving the album negative reviews. source

28 Jan 2011 01:57


World: How quickly did Egypt’s internet completely disappear?

  • This is how quick the Interwebs died in Egypt: “It’s probably a phone call that goes out to half a dozen folks who enter a line on a router configuration file and hit return,” said Craig Labovitz, chief scientist for Arbor Networks. “It’s like programming your TiVo – you have things that are set up and you delete one. It’s not high-level programming.” Basically, Egypt is not a country with a ton of pipe, so it’s far easier to shut them down than, say, the U.S. Still, though, it’s utterly shocking how quickly it just disappeared. (image via Google’s Tim Bray) source

30 Nov 2010 10:48


Biz, Tech: Comcast offers up some net neutrality ammo for Netflix fans

  • This action by Comcast threatens the open Internet and is a clear abuse of the dominant control that Comcast exerts in broadband access. With this action, Comcast is preventing competing content from ever being delivered to Comcast’s subscribers at all, unless Comcast’s unilaterally determined toll is paid.
  • Level 3 Communications Chief Legal Officer Thomas Stortz • Expressing anger with Comcast’s added bandwidth fees on the internet middleman, which Netflix uses for its uber-popular streaming services. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Did you hear that? Yeah, we think we did. That’s the sound of the FCC nailing Comcast for anticompetitive activity and killing their planned buyout of NBC because they aren’t playing fair. What? You didn’t hear it? We must have imagined it. We can dream, can’t we? source

13 Sep 2010 11:07


Tech: Because we want fast Internet, we’re moving to Chattanooga

  • 1GB the speed of the Tennessee city’s upcoming bandwidth upgrade
  • 200x its speed compared to that of the average U.S. broadband speed – and as fast as Hong Kong’s
  • $350 the amount it’ll cost each month; if you’re a decent-sized business, that’s gravy source

06 Apr 2010 12:20


20 Oct 2009 22:22


Tech: With net neutrality, could tiered internet make a comeback?

  • ISPs who can’t cap bandwidth may charge for traffic. With net neutrality looking more and more likely by the day, we may find ourselves returning to the days of paying for traffic based on usage. Consumers don’t want it, but companies like Time Warner and Comcast say that the cost of bandwidth, mixed with heavy usage of BitTorrent or popular video sites, may force it. We think that it’s probably going to happen, simply because they can’t fight the tide of Hulu forever. source

15 Oct 2009 10:58


Tech: Google is a massive freaking chunk of the Internet

  • 6% of the Internet’s traffic goes through Google source

12 Aug 2009 11:28


Offbeat, Tech: Two nerds figured out a way to get nerds to exercise more

  • You pedal the bike, the Internet goes faster. It’s a total carrot on a stick thing. Or at least a really entertaining viral video of a technology we’d never use. Just think, though, if this showed up in gyms, people would use it. source

06 Apr 2009 11:26


Tech: Facebook’s big problem: Too many photos, too much content

  • $2 million amount Facebook reportedly spends each week on buying new servers for all of its fresh social networking data to keep all you annoying, fat users happy with them.
  • 850 million number of photos that get uploaded to Facebook each month, the biggest bandwidth-killer; they’re trying to stem the cost with a new system called Haystack. source

10 Jan 2009 12:49


Tech: Microsoft needs to give in to BitTorrent already

  • We want to ensure customers have the best possible experience when downloading the Beta.
  • A Microsoft spokeswoman • on the delay in putting up the Windows 7 beta; apparently, they need more bandwidth to pull it off. • source